Rayovac announced that it will showcase “a major leap forward in battery power with the launch of its new Sound Fusion Technology” at the 4-day AAA 2022+HearTECH Expo in St Louis, beginning March 30, 2022.

The addition of Sound Fusion Technology will make Rayovac’s hearing aid batteries the most powerful yet****. With more battery life**, more hours of wireless streaming,*** and more consistent performance, customers will have the reassurance that no hearing aid battery lasts longer****.

Produced by Energizer Holdings Inc, the new technology from Rayovac will help give hearing aid users “the power to hear more for longer” and will ship in the summer 2022. Visitors to the brand’s stand at the event, running from March 30- April 2, will be the first to see the latest innovation as it is unveiled to the US audiology market. It will also available to discover at the virtual Rayovac Live 2022 platform, bringing it to those unable to attend the congress in person.

The new Sound Fusion Technology being launched in Rayovac-branded products**** features highly conductive fusion, a new manufacturing process and increased universal power.

Highly conductive fusion is “a revolutionary improvement to the polymer network inside each battery, allowing increased cathode connectivity and giving the active ingredients more space to boost performance,” according to the company. The new manufacturing process used in Sound Fusion Technology “improves anode reaction efficiency and provides even more universal power and has excellent performance in a wide range of temperatures.”

Paula Brinson-Pyke, director of marketing at Rayovac, said: “We are delighted to launch Sound Fusion Technology into the American audiology market. The technology will allow us to produce our most powerful hearing aid battery yet. It demonstrates our commitment to continually improving and pushing the boundaries of primary battery technology, giving hearing aid wearers an even better experience when using our products.

“Sound Fusion Technology has been engineered to meet the demands of modern-day hearing devices, making life sound better. It provides boosted power for longer wireless streaming and improved battery life, is even more durable, reliable, and robust. Our longest lasting, best performing battery, it has been years in development and we’re proud to say it offers our greatest leap forward in technology yet.”

As well as benefiting from the latest hearing aid technology, hearing professionals will have the opportunity to sign up for the Rayovac Pro Line Business Builder Program. Program members enjoy a wide range of support, Rayovac said, including exclusive promotions, point-of-sale displays, bespoke customized pack branding, and digital and printed marketing materials to help grow their revenue through battery sales.

To find out more about Rayovac’s offer to trade customers and the Pro Line Excellence Club, visit: https://www.thepowerofhearing.com/products/business-builder-program/ .

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* Source: IDATA Research | Global Market Report Suite for Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries | March 2021** ROV Batteries, size 312 vs. leading competitor based on ANSI/IEC wireless streaming test.

*** Size 312 internal testing completed Jan – Feb 2021. Rayovac internal trial samples vs. leading competitor market samples based on ANSI/IEC wireless streaming test.

**** RAYOVAC® brand only. Based on ANSI/IEC performance tests for standard size 10, 13 and 312 (except 675).

Source: Rayovac

Images: Rayovac