Listen Technologies launched ListenWIFI, the next generation of Listen EVERYWHERE, the company’s audio-over-Wi-Fi solution.

Listen Technologies Corporation, a leading provider of advanced wireless listening solutions for 25 years, announced the launch of ListenWIFI at InfoComm 2023.

The new product suite is the next generation of Listen EVERYWHERE, Listen Technologies’ audio-over-Wi-Fi solution. ListenWIFI will replace the Listen EVERYWHERE system and follows the naming convention of other Listen Technologies solutions, like ListenIR and ListenRF.

“Listen Technologies was a pioneer in audio-over-Wi-Fi technology. We launched our first Wi-Fi solution in 2014 and have continued to enhance the product line and add features and functionality based on feedback from customers and partners,” said Tracy Bathurst, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Listen Technologies. “ListenWIFI is the culmination of those collective insights and advancements. The new system delivers a truly automated experience, seamlessly connecting people to clear audio via Wi-Fi.”

ListenWIFI, like earlier versions of Listen Technologies’ audio-over-Wi-Fi solutions, lets venues stream audio over their wireless network to guests’ smartphones. Guests access the audio via a free app and listen with headphones or earbuds. An optional personal induction loop, also known as a neck loop, is available for guests with telecoil-equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants. When guests wear the neck loop, and it is plugged into their smart device, audio transmits directly to their hearing aids or cochlear implant.

Applications for ListenWIFI include assistive listening, language interpretation, streaming audio from video or TV screens, and audio description. While previous versions of Listen Technologies’ audio-over-Wi-Fi solution had similar applications, It is a new platform that offers new functionality and capabilities not available from similar products in the market today. The system features new hardware, including LWR-1050 dedicated receivers, new LA-490 ListenWIFI Beacons, new 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-channel servers, and enhanced software that simplifies system configuration and management.

ListenWIFI LWR-1050 receivers are available for venues to meet legislative assistive listening compliance requirements and to simplify audio access for guests. When used with signage and neck loops, the new receivers enable ListenWIFI to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and international compliance requirements, making ListenWIFI a global assistive listening system.

LWR-1050 receivers let schools, venues, businesses, and houses of worship offer students, visitors, and guests a choice. They can access streamed audio via the free ListenWIFI app on their smartphones or simplify access to the audio using the LWR-1050. The LWR-1050 does not require users to connect to Wi-Fi or download an app.

“ListenWIFI LWR-1050 dedicated receivers can be preconfigured so users simply turn them on, are automatically connected to the venue’s audio, and start streaming immediately,” said Sam Nord, vice president of global sales, Listen Technologies.

The new LA-490 Beacons provide location-based audio for a fully automated and seamless user experience. Beacons are small, lightweight units that can be mounted on a wall and transmit information via Bluetooth to LWR-1050 receivers or smartphones running the ListenWIFI app.

Venues can configure the new LA-490 ListenWIFI Beacons to trigger LWR-1050 receivers and users’ smartphones to stream audio automatically when a person is within a specific range of the unit. For example, when a student enters a classroom with an installed ListenWIFI Beacon, his smartphone or LWR-1050 receiver will automatically stream the audio. The audio stops streaming to their device when the student leaves the space. ListenWIFI software lets venue managers determine coverage area and which channels a user can access.

The new ListenWIFI servers will be available in 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-channel configurations. “New ListenWIFI servers easily deploy on venues’ existing Wi-Fi networks but can also facilitate separate standalone networks,” added Bathurst. “Venues just connect servers to their network and audio sources and notify BYOD users about the free ListenWIFI app.”

The new ListenWIFI Manager software for Windows makes it easy to manage and program the ListenWIFI system. The software enables venues to:

  • Manage and program the entire ListenWIFI platform – LWR-1050 receivers, LA-490 Beacons, mobile apps, and servers.
  • Easily track inventory.
  • Hide and password protect audio channels.
  • Generate QR codes that smartphone users can scan to access audio.

The ListenWIFI app allows venues to customize branding, colors, and messaging. The new ListenWIFI app also lets venues generate QR codes from the app that users can scan to select their preferred language. Then, when interpreted audio is available, the app will automatically select the right channel based on the user’s preference.

Photo courtesy of Listen Technologies