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How to Use the Repeat-Recall Test (RRT) to Increase Hearing Aid Satisfaction

The RRT is an integrated speech test that provides a platform for individualized counseling. The goal is to provide a better understanding of each patient’s communication difficulties, then use that understanding to set realistic expectations. We believe the use of this tool, along with other tools that allow individualized fine-tuning, could help promote greater patient satisfaction for hearing aids.

The Final Word: A Measure of Success

Dr Van Vliet discusses how we can help patients define what they want. They may only know that they are annoyed by their inability to understand speech in certain environments. If we build an approach that patients see is unique and specific for their needs, it may help shape their perception of the outcome.

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Siemens Conducts Active Kids and Teens Event

Siemens Hearing Instruments recently held its first “Active Kids and Teens BestSound” training event at its New Jersey facility. Thirty hearing care professionals from around the country attended the two-day meeting, which focused on product solutions and patient counseling geared to children, tweens, and teens.

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The “Hearing Aid Effect” Revisited: Can We Achieve Hearing Solutions for Cosmetically Sensitive Patients?

This article 1) Summarizes research confirming the Hearing Aid Effect, and 2) presents a survey from three regions of the United States regarding dispenser attitudes toward the “cosmetics vs performance” issue, the profile of cosmetically sensitive patients, counseling strategies used with these patients, and suggestions for the hearing care field regarding the emphasis placed on hearing aid cosmetics.

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