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AI To Help Doctors Treat Deaf Patients

Examinations of the labyrinthine structure of the inner ear are made by CT scan, although interpretation of the images is very difficult, and can delay or completely rule out the treatment. DTU PhD student Paula López Diez is studying how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used for image analysis.

Two New Bone-anchored Implant Products Gain FDA Clearance

The FDA has cleared two new Oticon Medical products for marketing in the US: The Minimally Invasive Ponto Surgery (MIPS), an update of the tissue preservation surgery for use with the company’s Ponto System; and the Ponto BHX Implant, which has a laser-ablated titanium surface that promotes a faster and stronger bonding to bone, and is designed to increase the strength of the bone-to-implant interface by more than 150%.

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Oticon Medical Appoints Jared Schnackenberg as President US

Oticon Medical announced the appointment of Jared Schnackenberg as president of Oticon Medical US. He will provide overall leadership for the entire US organization to further develop Oticon Medical’s position in the bone anchored hearing solutions (BAHS) market and to prepare for the anticipated launch of Oticon Medical Cochlear Implants for the US market.

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