Oticon Medical, Copenhagen, Denmark, has announced the launch of the Oticon Medical Streamer and ConnectLine App that will enable Ponto Plus sound processor users to control their bone anchored hearing solutions with just a tap of their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. According to Oticon, the small and discreet Medical Streamer serves as an intermediary device. When the Streamer is paired with the ConnectLine App, users can reportedly use their iPhone to switch between input sources, adjust volume individually, and select programs. The ConnectLine App is available for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

According to the company’s announcement, with the introduction of its Ponto Streamer, the company intended to open a world of wireless connectivity to cell phones and a range of audio sources – everyday connections that most people take for granted, but that had been challenging for people with bone anchored hearing solutions. With the new Oticon Medical Streamer and ConnectLine App, the company hopes to further expand that easy connectivity, giving people with implantable solutions a new level of convenience and discreteness.

“We will continue to educate people to exciting new developments in implantable hearing solutions like the ConnectLine App,” said Jes Olsen, president, Oticon Medical. “We want to ensure that people are aware of the many options available so they can make informed and sound decisions, whether they are considering an upgrade to their current technology or choosing an implantable solution for the first time.”

Operation is said to be simple, with features that are easily customized. The ConnectLine App allows users to access a variety of custom options including last number redial, reject call, and voice dial as well as to set designated ringtones for cell phone and landline. Users can move seamlessly from listening to music to enjoying phone calls and video chats, says Oticon, and can also connect to the ConnectLine system to stream audio from TV, landline phones, and personal microphones.

Oticon Medical Streamer and ConnectLine App are also available to use on an Android™ smartphone or tablet, according to Oticon Medical’s announcement, and available on Google Play. For more information on the Oticon Medical Streamer, ConnectLine App, and the Ponto system, visit the Oticon Medical website.

Source: Oticon Medical