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Bipartisanship? It Could Be Possible with Telehealth

Now with the pandemic in retreat, lawmakers are considering the appropriate scope of telehealth services, reimbursement policies, and patient access. HIA’s Bridget Dobyan contends that, in a rare area of bipartansanship, US legislators could be on the threshold of a transformative time in health policy and the delivery of healthcare.

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IHS 2021 Convention to be Held August 12-14 in San Diego

The 69th Annual International Hearing Society Convention will be held—in person!—on August 12-14 at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego. This year’s convention offers up to 9.5 CEUs, deep dives into the hottest topics in hearing healthcare, and networking with peers, subject-matter experts, and industry leaders.

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Protecting Hearing in a Noisy World

With life, comes noise. From the chorus of weed whackers and lawn mowers in the summer months, these background noises form the soundtrack to our daily routines. Though it may be easy to tune out the constant screech of a subway train or the incessant honking of car horns, at a certain sustained level, noise can potentially damage the sensitive structures within the ear.

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