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NIDCD Survey Shows 1 in 20 US Children Have Balance Issues

Nearly 3.3 million children between ages 3 and 17 have a dizziness or balance problem, according to an NIDCD analysis of the first nationally representative survey of these problems in US children. Researchers found that girls have a higher prevalence of dizziness and balance problems (5.7%) compared to boys (5%).

Improving Hearing and Hearing Aid Retention for Infants and Young Children: A practical survey and study of hearing aid retention products

By providing information about hearing aid retention strategies throughout early childhood, collecting accurate information about daily hearing aid wear challenges, and working as a team, it should be possible to find appropriate strategies to keep children “on the air,” facilitating listening, language, and learning.

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MarkeTrak VII: Are 1 Million Dependents with Hearing Loss in America Being Left Behind?

Evidence suggests that a sizable population of young people in America do not fit existing paradigms of hearing disability. Why are only a minority of children or dependents in America who have hearing loss recipients of amplification, and what can be done in the medical and hearing care profession to make sure that all children have received adequate help for their hearing loss?

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