phonak rogerThe capability to focus on auditory stimuli is one of the key components of a child’s learning and development1. Children with unilateral hearing loss, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or auditory processing disorders often struggle to clearly hear and focus on the voices of parents, teachers and other caregivers, especially when noise levels increase. The Roger Focus is a discreet and comfortable behind-the-ear Roger receiver for these children. Fully compatible with other types of classroom technology and easy to use, it supports children during class. Also designed for little active explorers, the hassle-free Roger Focus is resistant to water, sweat and dust.

Wireless technology has long been shown to improve the speech understanding of children. However, recent research2 has shown that such systems can also benefit students with otherwise normal hearing who find it difficult to follow a speaker’s word.

“In our study of school-aged children with ASD, children could hear the teacher’s words better, communicate with their fellow students better and were generally more engaged in classroom activities than without the wireless microphone technology,” says Gary Rance, associate professor in the Department of Audiology & Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne. “Most children also wanted to keep using their devices after the trial.”

Further studies have proven similar benefits for children diagnosed with auditory processing disorder (ADP) and unilateral hearing loss (UHL). The common key finding: Increasing the signal-to-noise ratio by way of a wireless microphone and receiver system helps boost the speech understanding of children—and their ability to focus.

“Over the last 40 years, Phonak has been committed to supporting children with hearing loss to reach their full potential,” says Maarten Barmentlo, group vice president marketing for Phonak. “Continuous close collaboration with hearing care professionals, researchers, children and their families, teachers and a dedicated team, has led to the development of hearing solutions that have improved the lives of millions of children worldwide.”

Roger Focus is available in 17 color options, ranging from discreet to fun with vibrant colors. A choice of Roger wireless microphones is available and has been designed to fit a child’s lifestyle:

  • Roger inspiro: The durable teacher microphone offers one-click connection of receivers and programmable short cut keys.
  • Roger Pen: The versatile pen enables young listeners to hear and understand in loud noise or over distance. It also features Bluetooth for cell phone calling, an audio input for listening to multimedia and TV connectivity.
  • Roger Clip-On Mic: Worn discreetly on the shirt, the powerful microphone packs the industry-leading Roger speech-in-noise performance into an extremely compact design.


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Source: Phonak

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