Verifit2 The Audioscan Verifit2 is a fitting system that supports accurate verification and performance optimization of modern hearing instrument technologies. According to Audioscan, the Verifit2 uses an array of features to facilitate best practice procedures and patient satisfaction with amplification.

Audioscan is encouraging attendees at the AudiologyNOW! conference in Phoenix, Ariz, April 13-16 to stop by their booth to experience the unique features and benefits provided by the Verifit2 including:

A fully binaural test system. Verifit2 provides binaural measurement capability on the ear, in the test box, and via clinician monitoring headphones to enable simultaneous binaural measures for verification time savings, verification of paired / streaming features, and quick identification of hearing instrument issues.

New binaural measurement capabilities. Recent software enhancements have extended binaural measurement capabilities into additional tests, all without sacrificing the accuracy and ease-of-use that audiologists have come to expect from Audioscan products.

Verifit2 Extended bandwidth verification. The Verifit2 hearing instrument fitting system analyzes signals up to 16 kHz, providing a complete picture of today’s extended bandwidth hearing aids to ensure audibility and associated benefit is provided.

Exclusive advanced feature tests. Verifit2 provides a wide-array of verification procedures, including directional, noise reduction, and telephone performance tests further enhanced with simultaneous binaural measurement capabilities to ensure hearing aid features function as claimed and are set appropriately.

Extensive counseling tools. Verifit2 features such as Speechmap, hearing loss simulator, and before/after SII amplification displays provide you with useful tools to counsel your clients and their families about the benefits of amplification.

Time saving workflow features. Quick connect couplers, putty-less coupling, binaural operation, advanced networking / computer integration, and data management capabilities allow you to spend less time on verification and more time on client care.

Visit Audioscan at booth #709 at AudiologyNOW! to experience the company’s verification technology. The company manufactures the Verifit®2, Axiom®, and the RM500SLTM systems used by fitting professionals throughout the world.

Source: Audioscan