MIRA smart hearing aidsWith its introduction of the wireless MIRA hearing aid, Retone is working to connect people who have hearing loss to a world that is rapidly becoming more connected through smart devices.

According to Retone, which is based in Xiamen, China, MIRA hearing aids connect with iOS and Android devices through remote control, enabling an exchange of data, as well as directly streaming audio and voice. The MIRA hearing aid connects with the MIRA Hearing Control app, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

MIRA is designed to stream calls, music, and more from an iOS & Android device directly to the hearing aid through a Bluetooth connection. It allows users to employ the iOS & Android device to control the hearing aid’s volume and settings, taking pure tone hearing testing and recording audiograms. MIRA users can personalize sound settings to various environments. There is an easy-detach and 1-hour quick charge for the battery to ensure sustained use of the hearing aid. MIRA lasts for 14-hours on a single charge in hearing aid mode, and two hours in music streaming mode.

MIRA sits discreetly behind the ear and is offered in four hair and skin-tone colors. The two wearing modes include ear-hook and open-fit. MIRA has a push button for onboard access to multiple programs, and an e-charger box for battery charging and accessory storage. Additional features include feedback cancellation, adaptive noise management, and directionality.

Retone reports that with the release of MIRA, and its entire suite of newly released hearing products, the company’s goal is to disrupt the hearing aid and PSAPs markets with its competitive pricing and high-quality manufacturing.

Retone exhibited its MIRA Made for iPhone and Android hearing aid at Booth #1547 during the AudiologyNow! 2016 Convention in Phoenix City, Ariz, held April 13 – 16, 2016.

Source: Retone