Hamilton CapTel has launched The Heroes With Hearing Loss program, which introduces hearing loss Hamitlon HEROES opt
resources and solutions to veterans. As part of the program, veterans are also being offered free captioned telephones.

In addition to providing resources, the program is designed to raise awareness and initiate meaningful dialog about hearing loss experiences among veterans, their families, and friends.

According to Department of Defense statistics, an estimated 60% of veterans returning from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars have some hearing damage, with 840,000 suffering from tinnitus and just over 700,000 suffering from hearing loss. More than 1.2 million veterans from every generation suffer from some form of hearing loss.

“Our goal is to start a national dialog about veterans with hearing loss,” said Michele Boyd, Heroes With Hearing Loss program manager. “We want to get people talking and raise awareness about what makes hearing loss among veterans a different kind of challenge.”

As the sponsor of the Heroes With Hearing Loss program, Hamilton CapTel is offering captioned telephones at no cost to all eligible veterans who experience hearing loss.

More information is available at www.HeroesWithHearingLoss.org or through Facebook (www.Facebook.com/HeroesWithHearingLoss ) and Twitter (@HwHLVeterans ).

SOURCE: Hamilton CapTel