Starkey Hearing Technologies has introduced new 3 Series™ custom hearing aids. The 3 Series custom line is Starkey’s smallest, smartest, and most reliable custom wireless hearing solution ever, according to the company.

The 3 Series is available as a CIC, an ITC, or an ITE. It features Starkey’s BluWave® 3.0, an operating system designed to maximize performance in challenging environments.  


Other features include:

  • Binaural Spatial Mapping3 for coordinating the digital signal processing algorithms between a patient’s hearing aids
  • PureWave Feedback Eliminator3 feedback cancellation technology
  • Voice iQ2 noise reduction and speech preservation system
  • ISO Compression, which enables independent control of soft, moderate, and loud level speech
  • HydraShield®2 oleophobic nanocoating for earwax and oily buildup protection

All 3 Series custom products are compatible with Starkey’s SurfLink Mobile media and phone streaming device.

SOURCE: Starkey Hearing Technologies