With a click of a button, today’s hearing aid users and hearing care professionals have a wealth of information at their fingertips. Patients have the chance to be well-informed about the latest hearing aid products, and hearing care professionals have the opportunity to research the best possible products for their clients. In this Web site guide, HR looks at what some of the hearing care companies have to offer on the Internet.


At www.audioscan.com, you can test drive the Verifit, learn about Speechmap® in the library section, download the latest free software, or learn about the many benefits of owning an Audioscan digital instrument fitting system. Other resources include a complete listing of Audioscan distributors and Audioscan workshops in your area.



Bernafon is a leading manufacturer of innovative hearing solutions. The Web site, www.bernafon.com, opens the door to the Bernafon Group. There you can find innovative and modern solutions offered to hearing impaired individuals and business partners. Bernafon’s product portfolio covers all the market needs from digital entry-level to premium technology. All hearing systems are fit with OASIS plus software for fitting flexibility and precision.


E-A-R Auditory Systems

The E-A-R Auditory Systems Website at www.e-a-r.com/auditorysystems includes product images and descriptions, worldwide contact information for our E-A-RTONE Insert Earphone distributors, and the complete texts of the E-A-RTONE Gold 3A and 5A Insert Earphone Instruction Booklets, in both English and Spanish (requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™). Visitors to the site can access our “Frequently Asked Questions” section, as well as an e-mail link for technical support.


Frye Electronics

The Frye Electronics Web site is www.frye.com. It includes a great amount of information on our products, including price lists. Lists of free instructional CDs and DVDs can be found. We also show pictures of our people having fun. We are a family business, and all of our employees are considered family. They are there to give you good service.


GN ReSound

GN ReSound’s primary focus is to deliver the best user experience, whether it’s end-users, hearing care professionals, or office staff. www.gnresound.com is a great reference tool. The Web site not only offers ordering of BTEs and accessories online, but custom products as well, assuring order accuracy. Order status, warranty management, and online product training are other tools available. Additionally, A to Z Direct Marketing® is a speedy and complete way to develop and mail customized direct mail materials.



Hansaton’s Web site, www.hansatonusa.com, provides comprehensive marketing and technical information on the company’s full line of custom and BTE hearing instruments. You can also download current and past issues of Hansaton’s international newsletter. Hearing professionals with an active account can also download marketing materials, spec sheets, technical drawings, programming software, and user guides.


The Hearing Review

The Hearing Review’s  Web site is a comprehensive resource for hearing care professionals, featuring up-to-the-minute news and an ask-the-experts section. The HR Archives contains published materials in HR, including articles, news and product items, and industry announcements. HR’s award-winning Worldwide Registry is also featured online, offering product and contact information for the world of hearing health care. The Web site also features a place to access the HR Insider weekly e-newsletter. And all are searchable via a keyword search engine.



Interacoustics is dedicated to providing customers with value and state-of-the-art technology for all areas of audiological evaluations. The Web site, www.interacoustics.com, provides support for customers, including how-to articles, reimbursement documents, product information, and company news. The Interacoustics product line covers a complete range of audiometers, PC-based testing and immittance instruments, as well as ABR, VNG, OAE, and acoustic rhinometry.


Maico Diagnostics

The Maico Diagnostics Web site, www.maico-diagnostics.com, features its full line of innovative hearing testing equipment. Along with product information, there are several resources to download, including a demo video, practical guides, technical data sheets, product brochures, and operation manuals. The site is organized both by type of instrument and type of practice, for fast and easy navigation.


National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

The National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS) is an independent, nonprofit, credentialing organization established to promote continuing competency assurance of hearing care professionals and to provide a standard of excellence in hearing health care. The NBC-HIS Web site, www.hearingnbc.org, provides information on the organization, details the certification process, and provides information on certification benefits and requirements.



The Oticon Web site, www.oticonusa.com, is an essential source for key information about hearing and Oticon products. The Web site has undergone a comprehensive upgrade with a new website redesign that is user-friendly. Two great feature of the website are The Hearing Center Locator and MyOticon. The Hearing Center Locator is an added feature that links consumers with hearing care professionals in their area. MyOticon, a password-protected area, offers an expanded online ordering function, order status reports, service history, and account information.



Phonak makes marketing easier with www.phonakpro.com. Whether you are interested in marketing to your current patients or are looking to bring in new ones, PhonakPro can help! In addition to downloadable newspaper ads and other marketing support programs, the site also enables professionals to create their own direct mail programs entirely online. Choose your mailer from a library of options, customize it with your practice information and, if desired, add a special offer. You can even purchase a mailing list on the site and have it billed directly to your Phonak account. It is truly one-stop shopping.



Rayovac’s Web site, www.rayovac.com, provides critical hearing aid battery information to hearing care professionals and consumers. The site details Rayovac’s products and extensive marketing programs offered to professional partners. Consumers can research hearing aid batteries and get answers to frequently asked questions. The site also offers a locator to assist consumers looking for a hearing care professional in their area.



Featuring Rexton’s extensive product line in an easy-to-navigate format, www.rexton-online.com allows hearing care professionals to manage all aspects of their Rexton account online. Professionals can place custom and BTE orders, download literature, view statements, as well as make payments on their account. An account-specific username and password login can be obtained by contacting a Rexton sales representative.


Siemens Hearing Instruments

Siemens’ Web Site, www.usa.siemens.com/hearing, features easy-to-navigate sections for consumers and professionals. Packed with product and hearing information, consumers will find a Hearing Professional Locator, and professionals can learn about business support programs and services. Registered professionals can also access mySiemens, a one-stop resource to place orders, manage accounts, and more.


Sonic Innovations

www.sonici.com provides both customers and hearing care professionals with a variety of useful tools and information. Content includes helpful information about hearing loss and hearing aids, a Hearing Healthcare Professional Locator, product brochures, fitting software, a cooperative marketing section for professionals, and corporate information. Look for exciting enhancements to our Web site in 2007, like our new online order system.



www.vivatone.com provides valuable information about our products and how the benefits consumers and hearing care professionals. For consumers, it offers answers to frequently asked questions about hearing loss and will help in locating a Vivatone hearing care professional. In addition, the site provides clinical and technical support to our hearing care professionals.



www.westone.com/hhc was designed especially for the hearing health care professional. Helpful information can be found in the Earmold Style Guide, Retubing Guide, and Tips on Making Ear Impressions. Frequently Asked Questions, an archive of “TechTips,” and downloadable marketing materials are also available. Impression materials and supplies can be ordered through the online store. Be sure to sign up for our online dealer search, the perfect customer referral tool.


Widex Hearing Aid Co

The Widex Professional Web site, www.widexpro.com, offers extensive resources to support hearing healthcare professionals. Authorized Widex Professionals can access important technical information and product specifications regarding the comprehensive line of Widex products. Custom and behind-the-ear hearing aids, as well as common parts, supplies, service forms, and the full and colorful line of Widex marketing materials can easily be ordered from the Web site. For consumers, there is the helpful Widex U.S.A. Consumer Website at www.widexusa.com.