Month: February 2012

Congressional Hearing Health Caucus Has Record Attendance of Representatives

A group of hearing health organizations hosted a briefing in honor of the Congressional Hearing Health Caucus (CHHC) on February 8, 2011. The briefing attracted a record 125 Congressional staffers and members of hearing health organizations to examine “how the Military and Veterans Administration are handling the surge in hearing loss and tinnitus cases related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

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Established in 2002 by Ridge Sampson, has become the largest office management system in the hearing industry. HR recently interviewed the company’s director of sales and marketing, Peter Adams, and asked him about the company’s

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HR Online

TOP NEWS and HEADLINES Researchers Discover Genetic “On-Off” Switch for Enabling Hearing in Mice hi HealthInnovations Hires Yanz as Vice President of Hearing Health Sonic “Flips” for Its New miniRIC Hearing Aid Beltone Laun

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Sales Increase by 3% in 2011

Net unit hearing aid sales in the United States increased by 3.0% overall in 2011, with private sector and Veterans Administration (VA) dispensing activity increasing by 2.7% and 3.9%, respectively, according to year-end statistics compi

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