Toronto — Vivosonic Inc has introduced the latest release of their Integrity V500 System. The new release was designed to improve user experience and includes several improved features for OAE and ABR diagnostic testing.

The new release has an improved Amplitrode with higher quality wires that can better withstand wear and tear, and provide tangle-free usage. New clips have also been designed for longer durability.

Integrity’s upgrade also comes with a choice of OAE probes. While the custom probe remains a choice for general use, clinicians also can choose a small OAE probe designed for newborns and infants.

The Integrity 5.2 software is programmed to allow easier wireless connectivity and easier access to Bluetooth devices. ABR recordings are automatically saved to the clinician’s database, and printing has also been fine-tuned.

Finally, Integrity now includes enhanced battery performance with a battery pack charging system that is designed to optimize battery performance and reliability.

SOURCE: Vivosonic