Williams Sound, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces its new RALD Web site to provide easy access to RALD program details, useful ALD product information, and user-friendly online ordering capabilities.

Last year the company teamed with the Military Audiology Association (MAA) to create the Military Assistive Listening Discount (RALD) program for retired and active-duty military service members and their families. The RALD program provides these individuals with ongoing access to assistive listening devices (ALDs) at a reduced cost, along with free personalized telephone support.

The company’s ALDs help individuals with hearing difficulties hear more clearly in a wide array of social situations, whether those needs are specific to listening on the phone, to a television, in a group setting or during one-on-one conversations. An ALD is designed to pick up sounds from the sound source and bring it directly to the listener’s ear, without the distraction of background noise.

[Source: Williams Sound]