Bloomington, Minn— ReSound has partnered with Auburn University to donate hearing aids to hearing impaired children in Guatemala City.

The Audiology Outreach in Guatemala Program by Auburn University was created to serve impoverished children identified by the Municipality of Guatemala City as being at risk for becoming “children of the street.” Approximately 1,500 participating children are being provided an education and two meals each day in eight schools that are located throughout the large municipality.

During the initial visit to Guatemala, school personnel, in partnership with faculty and doctoral students from Auburn University, developed a hearing screening program. During three annual visits to Guatemala, Auburn University audiology faculty and doctoral students provided follow-up audiological evaluations to all children failing the hearing screenings.

“Before going to Guatemala on our first trip in 2009, I contacted ReSound, and they agreed to provide hearing aids to all the children we identified with educationally significant hearing loss," said Sandra Clark-Lewis, AuD, founder of the program.

During her second visit in May 2010, Clark-Lewis was asked to provide hearing aids for 10 very young children, ages 3-4 years old, who were profoundly deaf and had never had hearing aids. ReSound agreed to provide Sparx instruments for these children, and one of the ReSound trainers traveled to Guatemala in November 2010 to deliver the hearing aids.

“The continued support of ReSound reflects the sort of social consciousness that is characteristic of all great business organizations," said Clark-Lewis. "Quite simply, our program to assist some of the poorest children in Guatemala would not have been possible without ReSound’s generosity.”

A video of the profoundly deaf Guatemalan children dancing is below. More details about these girls are described in the notes on Youtube.