Month: October 2011

Unitron Quantum and Moxi Lines Get New Automatic Adaptation Manager and Other Features

With its new CEO at the helm, Unitron is announcing several new enhancements to its Quantum and Moxi product families. The features include a new Automatic Adaptation Manager designed to help first fit acceptance by automatically and gradually transitioning the user toward optimal speech understanding. The company is also releasing a new micro 312 BTE for Quantum, and a new small remote device.

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Hearing Aid and Audio Innovator Edgar M. Villchur Dies at 94

Hearing aid and audio innovator Edgar M. Villchur died on October 17, 2011, at his Woodstock, NY home. He was 94. Villchur is known for developing the acoustic suspension loudspeaker in 1954, which revolutionized the field of high-fidelity audio. He is also well known for developing hearing aids with multichannel compression that utilized wide dynamic range compression (WDRC).

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Sonic Innovations Launches New Branding Strategy

Sonic Innovations is now referring to itself as simply “Sonic”and announced a new branding strategy. Since its acquisition by William Demant Holding (WDH) in November 2010, the company says that its management has conducted a number of internal and external initiatives to help shape and focus the company’s overall branding and messaging.

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