Salt Lake City — Sonic Innovations is now referring to itself as simply "Sonic"and announced a new branding strategy. Since its acquisition by William Demant Holding (WDH) in November 2010, the company says that its management has conducted a number of internal and external initiatives to help shape and focus the company’s overall branding and messaging.

Kathy Landon, Sonic’s vice president of Branding and Professional Services, said in the press statement, “At Sonic, we envision a world where all people can enjoy the sounds that enrich everyday life. We feel that our effort towards this goal reflects the original work of our founders who created a new approach to providing a natural hearing experience for the user.”

Sonic president and COO Joseph A. Lugara added that the goal of the new branding strategy is to remind its customers and partners of its history of providing high quality products. Lugara also wants to emphasize new company principles called the “4S Foundation.” These core principles include:

  1. Sound that’s natural
  2. Speech understanding in noise
  3. Simplicity in everything we do, and
  4. Style that stands out

As part of the internal rebrand rollout, Sonic employees have been tasked to incorporate the above values into everything they do.

Lugara explained, “At Sonic our approach is to be creative in our thinking, dedicated to our work, customers and success, and energetic in accomplishing things quickly with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. These values are reflected in how we employ innovative solutions to making stylish and simple-to-use devices and engage in thinking outside-the-box to generate fresh approaches to hearing issues,”

As perhaps a reflection of their principle of "simplicity," Sonic is now referring to itself as "Sonic" in press releases, although the company is still officially known as Sonic Innovations Inc.

On top of the new brand strategy, Sonic is in the process of relocating to new facilities in both Minnesota and New Jersey. As of November 1, 2011, Sonic’s Minnesota production facility is moving into a new 20,000-plus-square-foot building in the city of Eagan.

Sonic reports that it is designing this new space with efficiency experts from William Demant to ensure the new production area is as productive, effective, and modern as possible.

Sonic’s world headquarters is also relocating from Salt Lake City to a new, larger facility in Somerset, NJ, in early 2012, allowing for expected growth. A new international office in Switzerland will focus on the needs of the company’s international and distributor customers.