Phoenix — Audigy Group hosted its first-ever AGX Tech Summit in Phoenix, October 14-15, 2011. Audigy members were provided with hands-on training with the latest releases in hearing technology, as well as insights into recent consumer research.

The 2-day event featured several training sessions exclusive to AudigyCertified providers, including:

  • The Relevant Effect: a holistic approach to technology acceptance for patients that complements Audigy’s acclaimed Patients for Life patient interaction process
  • Spectral iQ, a new solution for high-frequency hearing loss
  • Hands-on experience with some of the latest—and smallest—RIC devices available.

At the summit, Audiigy also launched its AGX Beyond Technology brand, an end-to-end delivery system for hearing care patients that combines a patient-controlled process with a full set of technology options for the identification and treatment of hearing loss.

The program includes AGX-specific software, Audigy Member websites, a national patients blog, and training on patient opportunity development strategies, AGX technology, and Audigy-exclusive digital platforms, such as “e-patient.”

e-patient is Audigy’s interactive patient-controlled hearing care platform that provides individually designed lifestyle-based hearing solutions.

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SOURCE: Audigy