Phillip Gander

Podcast: Tinnitus Research Topic Of BBC Talk Show

The National Biomedical Research Unit in Hearing (NBRUH), UK, features a podcast of an interview conducted by BBC Radio Nottingham’s John Holmes with Phillip Gander, a postdoctoral research fellow at NBRUH, about new tinnitus "translational" research being undertaken at NBRUH.

The unit was established in 2008 as part of the National Institute for Health Research, UK. It is the sole biomedical research unit funded to pursue translational research in deafness and hearing problems, and was formed by a parnership between the University of Nottingham, Nottingham University Hospitals Trust, and the Medical Research Council Institute of Hearing Research, according to the NBRUH Web site.

The podcast is available via the NBRUH Web site.

[Source: National Biomedical Research Unit In Hearing]