Sonic Innovations Inc, Salt Lake City, has added custom earmold manufacturing for all Sonic behind-the-ear (BTE) products, including thin tube and receiver-in-canal (RIC) devices, to the company’s product offerings.

Sonic began making the custom earmolds July 1.

"Sonic Innovations has always been known for quality products, and our great-fitting earmolds are no exception," said Paul Wennerholm, Sonic Innovations president and COO. "In addition, traditional earmold vendors often take up to 2 weeks to deliver product, but our turnaround time is only 4 days. 

"The addition of custom earmolds to our product offerings is just another example of how Sonic continues to deliver what our customers want, and to make advances in becoming a one-stop shop for any need our customers may have," he added.

The company also now offers prefitting of its BTE hearing aids. If the clinician provides the patient’s audiogram information when placing the BTE product order, Sonic uses that information to preconfigure the patient’s hearing aid, resulting in a very fast first-fit experience that helps save time for clinicians and patients.

Sonic Innovations is part of the Otix Global Inc family.

[Source: Sonic Innovations, Inc]