Bethlehem, Pa — Neuromonics Inc, the maker and distributor of the Oasis, an FDA-approved medical device designed for the long-term relief of tinnitus, has received a contract from the United States Army to study the effects and use of the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment (NTT) in military environments.

Neuromonics has conducted numerous clinical trials in the past that have shown NTT to be effective. This latest study, funded by the US Army Medical Research Acquisition Act, totals nearly $700,000. Neuromonics says it will use the money to extend work currently in progress under a grant the company received in 2010.

The continuing clinical study is examining the effects of placebo treatment and the NTT in active and retired military members who are suffering from tinnitus.

In addition to comparing NTT’s effectiveness against that of placebo, the trial will study how to improve the efficacy of the NTT among members of the military. According to Duane Knight, chief operating officer at Neuromonics, NTT has proven effective in more than a dozen clinical studies in both civilian and military populations.

Oasis reportedly works by desensitizing the patient’s tinnitus perception. Wearing the small, non-invasive device for a few hours per day, patients listen to soothing music that is customized to each person’s unique hearing profile by specially trained audiologists.

NTT is particularly helpful for patients whose sleep is disturbed by their tinnitus, according to Knight, and enables many tinnitus sufferers to maintain or return to a normal working life.

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SOURCE: Neuromonics