Kitchener, Canada — With its new CEO at the helm, Unitron is announcing several new enhancements to its Quantum™ and Moxi™ product families. The features include a new Automatic Adaptation Manager (AAM) designed to help first fit acceptance by automatically and gradually transitioning the user toward optimal speech understanding. The company is also releasing a new micro 312 BTE for Quantum, and a new small remote device.

The Automatic Adaptation Manager, available across the Moxi and Quantum (pictured) product lines, is a new feature that the company says will “gradually, gently and automatically” transition hearing instrument wearers from first fit acceptance to optimal speech understanding. As a result, wearers should continually experience natural sound quality as they move toward the ideal amplification that will provide optimal speech intelligibility. While AAM is automatic, it is also designed to be flexible, allowing hearing health care professionals to customize and personalize the feature settings.

“Our Automatic Adaptation Manager provides a critical bridge between first fit acceptance and ideal amplification, allowing hearing health care providers to add value to their fittings while improving early client satisfaction with their hearing instrument,” says Donald Hayes, PhD, director of audiology at Unitron.

Unitron is also introducing a new 312 micro BTE for Quantum, which offers natural sound quality at three technology levels. All are wireless and come in discreet and attractive designs, a variety of colors, and open-fit slim tube or earhook options for fitting a wide range of client needs.

Last but not least, Unitron is releasing a new remote control for Moxi and Quantum. The remote is ergonomically designed with an easy to hold shape, large buttons, and simple functionality.

SOURCE: Unitron