Sonic, Somerset, NJ—a manufacturer of hearing care solutions—announced the launch of Enchant, a groundbreaking new hearing aid family that delivers clear, natural sound in a brand new way. Enchant is reportedly the first Sonic hearing aid built on the revolutionary new SoundDNA platform, offering the company’s most automatic, adaptive, and flexible technology to date. SoundDNA powers smart sound processing that enables Enchant to accurately detect environmental changes and optimize sound so patients can keep up in complex sound environments. Add to that the wow of direct no-strings-attached wireless connectivity and Tinnitus SoundSupport in all technology levels, and new Enchant is a choice that will dazzle professionals and patients alike.

“Enchant is instinctively smart, with an exciting combination of faster performance, innovative features, and enhanced functionality,” said Joseph A. Lugara, Sonic president and CEO. “Today’s patients pack a lot into their lives. Listening environments can change in an instant. Enchant lets patients capture the magic of every moment—staying true to Sonic’s 4S Foundation of Sound that is natural, speech understanding in noise, simplicity in everything we do, and style that stands out.”


Speech Variable Processing with SmartCompress

Enchant features SmartCompress, a new breakthrough adaptive compression system that works together with renowned Speech Variable Processing (SVP) to optimize amplification in quiet, noise, and speech settings without the need for a separate environment classification system. This allows Enchant to intelligently adjust amplification in noise and instantly adapt the proper gain and compression. Patients enjoy a natural listening experience with the most optimized amplification without delay.

A Positive SPiN on Speech in Noise

New speech-in-noise SPiN Management is a trio of technologies that enhances speech, reduces noise, and optimizes control. SPiN Directionality enhances sensitivity to sound via an all new directional microphone system. The system operates independently in 16 frequency bands, four times more than in the past, and is completely intuitive without the need for either the hearing care professional or the patient to preselect the directionality pattern. Also operating in 16 bands is SPiN Noise Reduction, an ultra-fast algorithm that acts immediately to preserve high-modulation speech sounds and reduce low-modulation noise. SPiN Engage optimizes the activation of noise reduction technologies to support individual patient needs in changing listening situations.

Tinnitus Relief Sounds

Tinnitus SoundSupport is available in all Enchant technology levels for patients with hearing loss who also experience tinnitus. Patients can choose from a selection of nature or broadband sounds to meet their individual needs.

No-Strings Wireless Connectivity

Enchant offers patients fast and direct wireless connectivity without the need for a “go-between” device. The SoundDNA platform powers the new Dual-Radio System that employs 2.4 GHz technology so patients can stream audio directly to their hearing aids via their iPhone®. The system also incorporates Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) for faster ear-to-ear communication. The SoundLink 2 App for iPhone® and AndroidTM smartphones controls wireless operations like volume and program changes, and includes updated features such as “find my hearing aid,” links to instructions, and low battery notification. Patients can also use the RC-A Remote Control to adjust volume and programs and the TV-A Adapter to stream favorite TV programs directly to their hearing aids.

Built-In New Technology

New Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) found exclusively in Enchant100  expands the dynamic range up to 113 dB SPL. Patients enjoy superior clarity as sound grows in intensity at venues such as movies, theaters, and auditoriums. The SmartMusic program enhances enjoyment of live music without distortion by anticipating the emotion and swell of music and extending the dynamic range to a fixed level 113 dB SPL.

New Enchant is available in three technology levels: Enchant100, Enchant80 ,and Enchant60  with popular styles including the miniRITE, miniRITE T (with telecoil), and BTE 105. All Enchant hearing aids have an IP68 rating for protection from dust and water.

Source: Sonic