The Academy of Dispensing Audiologists will hold its 30th Annual Convention in Scottsdale, Ariz, on October 11-14, 2006. The International Hearing Society will hold its 55th Annual Convention and Exposition in San Antonio on October 18-22, 2006. The following descriptions were supplied by the respective companies and are offered as a preview of convention exhibits.

ADA booth no 509
American Hearing Aid Associates
American Hearing Aid Associates provides its nationwide network of more than 2,000 independent hearing aid professionals a virtual franchise without loss of autonomy. AHAA’s services include customized business and marketing plans; owner/staff training; managed care contract procurements; and consolidated purchasing and billing. AHAA offers “Strategic Solutions” services, which include help in developing growth initiatives, expansion plans, and exit strategies. It also provides Associates Internet B2B services through its Web site (800) 984-3272;

ADA booth no 409
IHS booth no 113

Audina® Hearing Instruments Inc
Audina® Hearing Instruments Inc manufactures a complete line of custom, over-the-ear, and behind-the-ear hearing instruments that incorporate digital, programmable, and analog technologies. Audina will be showcasing the newly released SPARO™, an open fitting, over-the-ear hearing instrument, and the ARC™, a custom approach to open fittings.

Visit us at ADA, booth 409 and at IHS, booth 113 to see all that is new at Audina. (800) 223-7700;

ADA booth no See Program IHS booth no 208

Audioscan real-ear/hearing aid analyzers decrease returns, increase your bottom line, and give you the professional edge. Industry experts agree that every fitting should utilize real-ear, and Audioscan manufactures one of the best real-ear hearing/hearing aid analyzers available. Audioscan equipment features an accurate fit, the only valid directional test, and the only non-linear Sensory Loss Simulator. Visit us for a test drive! (800) 265-2093;

ADA booth no Island C/D IHS booth no 202

Beltone has expanded its digital product line with One! The 17-channel One! has adaptive directionality, auto-switching, and selectable beam widths, making it Beltone’s best performing circuit for helping patients in noisy environments. Stop by the Beltone booth to learn more about all of the company’s products. Talk to one of its representatives about the available opportunities with Beltone and discover how a partnership with Beltone can increase your value in today’s competitive environment. (800) 621-1275;

ADA booth no 606 IHS booth no 237

CareCredit invites convention attendees to stop by and visit its booth to discover one of the most effective tools for audiology practices today. Attract more patients with the availability of No Interest financing, make hearing health accessible to more patients, and maximize the sale of optimal technology. Offering CareCredit can help hearing health care patients get the hearing health care they need and want. (800) 300-3046;

IHS booth no 314

Discovery Hearing Aid Warranties
Discovery Hearing Aid Warranties provides loss, damage, and/or component failure protection for all makes and models of hearing aids, including cochlear implants and bone anchored processors. Discovery works with a national network of dispensers who recognize the critical importance of protecting clients’ hearing aid investments. A unique compensation plan generates continuous extra income for dispensers. Discovery Hearing Aid Repair is a quality, rapid response, full service repair lab. (800) 525-7936;

ADA booth no 516

EarQ Group
With a highly-trained staff of business advisors, a comprehensive full-service marketing department, and a director of audiology, EarQ works one-on-one with practice owners to support all business aspects of today’s highly competitive hearing healthcare practice. The member resource center at offers practical support for practices including: business management strategies, billing and coding updates, customized marketing support, staff development programs and community relations policies. (866) 432-7500;

ADA booth no 616

Ear Technology Corporation
TransEar® is here! Stop by to learn about the new, effective, and affordable remedy for single-sided deafness—360º of sound without a bulky headband, without surgery, and without occluding the good ear. An excellent alternative to a CROS hearing aid. From the same folks who brought you Dry & Store (yes, the Famous Fishbowl Test will be underway!) Ear Technology Corporation…Helping people hear better, every day. (800) 327-8547;

ADA booth no 204 IHS booth no 320-322

Stop by Electone’s booth for a look at the company’s new Tango digital BTE line. These power and super power hearing instruments offer both input and output compression, feedback cancellation, and up to three potentiometers for more precise control. As non-programmable BTEs, Tango instruments are an excellent solution for out-of-office fittings. (800) 432-7483;

ADA booth no 116 IHS booth no 345

The Energizer Bunny™ was voted the No. 5 brand icon of the 20th century. So bring the power of the Energizer Bunny™ into your practice—you’ll add fun to your patients’ visit and encourage battery sales. Energizer offers a host of marketing tools and patient incentives to help increase your battery sales and boost practice revenue. Visit our booth to find out about our free introductory special and other exclusive offers. (866) 907-1776;

IHS booth no 117

Frye Electronics
Frye Electronics will have its FONIX 7000 Hearing Aid Test System, its FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer, and the FA-10 Hearing Evaluator. The 7000 has new version 1.50 software that includes a complete Visible Speech program in the Probe Option. The FONIX NOAH Module will be on display, showing how useful it is with all FONIX products. As usual, the Pendelton blanket will be available to one lucky winner.

ADA booth no 511

General Hearing Instruments Inc
General Hearing Instruments Inc, Harahan, La, introduces the SpinDoctor, a new method for cleaning earwax and other debris from hearing instruments. SpinDoctor is a laboratory-quality centrifugal accelerator specifically designed to accommodate hearing instruments of all sizes. It quickly whirls away dry and liquid wax, even from inside the receiver, that an area vacuum cleaner or desiccators can’t match. (800) 824-3021;

ADA booth no 106

GN Otometrics
The new AURICAL Visible Speech is a wireless binaural solution for fitting, counseling, and verification. It shows patients what they haven’t been hearing with an improved interactive visual demonstration, and helps them understand the benefits of a hearing instrument. The OnTop screen feature allows real-time fitting while viewing the patient’s speech signals. AURICAL Visible Speech, along with the MADSEN hearing assessment portfolio, will be on display at ADA booth 106. (800) 289-2150;

ADA booth no 102

GN ReSound
GN ReSound leads the hearing instrument industry, having pioneered the open fitting concept with the introduction of ReSoundAIR in 2003. At this year’s convention of the Academy of Dispensing Audiologists, GN ReSound will be featuring its newest open product offerings. These innovative products expand audiologists’ options for open fittings for their patients, providing for instant fits and instant satisfaction. (800) 248-4327;

ADA booth no See Program IHS booth no Island F

Hansaton continues an exciting year of product launches with two new mid-range hearing instruments: RELAXX Pro and RELAXX Exclusive. The RELAXX series is available in all ITE models, while its new BTE can be fit with a conventional earmold or an open mini-tube. RELAXX Pro is available in a wide variety of features, such as adaptive directional microphones, 8-channel signal processing, noise reduction, speech detection, and phase cancellation feedback management. RELAXX Exclusive has all of the features of the RELAXX Pro, plus 12-channel signal processing, wind noise reduction, and 4D noise canceller. (866) 449-9757;

ADA booth no See Program

Hearing Health Care News
2006 marks the 20th anniversary of Hearing HealthCare News®. The company offers the Practice Development Program, an internal marketing and patient follow up care program that increases patient satisfaction, hearing aid sales, and new patient referrals. Among the ready-to-use tools and techniques provided are a customized patient newsletter, patient satisfaction surveys, recall programs, and office letters and forms templates. It also publishes Audiology HealthCareNews®, a customized newsletter sent to physicians. (800) 342-1643;

ADA booth no 513 IHS booth no 318

The Hearing Review
Stop by The Hearing Review’s booth to receive more information about this leading monthly trade magazine for hearing care professionals. With a circulation of more than 21,000 readers, HR focuses on the practical aspects of hearing instrument testing and fitting, technology, marketing, education, patient counseling, events, and industry trends. Each July, the HR Worldwide Registry is published as the “phone book of the industry.” HR also produces special supplements and publications. (310) 642-4400;

ADA booth no 408

The HELPcard
The HELPcard® is the best option to finance the hearing aids your patients need. You will find that The HELPcard® isn’t an ordinary financing plan. With The HELPcard® you can expect:
An Account Manager who is dedicated to your office.
Excellent approvals.
No Interest and Reduced Interest plans for your patients.

The payment options and customer service with The HELPcard® are exceptional. Visit us at booth 408 at the ADA. (800) 945-4357, ext 316;

ADA booth no 309

See Interacoustics’ new Visible Speech capabilities at ADA booth 309. Build your business using the Affinity. Use Visible Speech software to create real-time demonstrations of hearing aid performance and a visual display that shows the benefits of amplification to patients and their relatives. You can also perform RECD and DSL, program test settings by hearing aid type or manufacturer, and use recorded speech materials for audiometry and hearing aid testing. (800) 947-6334;

ADA booth no 604

Visit Magnatone at the ADA Convention booth 604 to see Shadow and enter to win a Monet Shadow Open Ear Instrument. The Shadow and Shadow X are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Stop by and see how the Monet Shadow X preprogrammed model takes the work out of the fitting process. (800) 789-6543;

ADA booth no 407

Maico Diagnostics
See Maico’s latest! Maico’s MI 44 middle ear analyzer provides fast diagnostic testing and even faster printouts. All of the typical diagnostic tests are available in this easy-to-operate unit that includes both automatic and manual pump control—giving users the most flexibility. Rarely can you find both in a unit that is so easy to use. (888) 941-4201;

ADA booth no 700 IHS booth no 232-234

MedRx Inc
MedRx Inc cordially invites all hearing health care professionals attending ADA or IHS to discover what is new in advanced computerized diagnostics and testing technologies. On display and for hands-on demonstration is the new micro-designed AVANT REM Live Speech Mapping/REAL EAR Measurement System and the A2D 2-channel diagnostic audiometer. Also on display will be the fully integrated AVANT testing platform, a selection of video otoscopes, and the popular UltraVac hearing aid restoration system. (888) 584-9600;

IHS booth no 238

MICROSONIC, a full-service earmold laboratory, is currently celebrating its 42nd anniversary. In order to complement its longevity within the industry, MICROSONIC has added a large Accessory Division to serve the industry with a wide assortment of impression materials, supplies, and tools for hearing aid professionals and various products for their patients. The company will be featuring its state-of-the-art Micro-Fit laser-built earmolds at IHS this year, along with adding a multitude of new products to its already extensive product line. (800) 523-7672;

ADA booth no 703 IHS booth no A

Stop by Micro-Tech’s booth to experience the Radius series of hearing instruments. This all-new line of digital hearing instruments features some of the most advanced digital circuitry available. Micro-Tech’s Radius Series of products are designed to maximize patient satisfaction yet remain easy to use. Visit Micro-Tech’s booth to learn more about Radius instruments, get your hands on the latest software, and explore innovative marketing programs. (800) 745-4327;

ADA booth no 702 IHS booth no 135

We at Mid-States Labs have been in the earmold business for 58 years. We manufacture the finest earmolds around. We exclusively offer the NASA-based Audtex and second generation Apollo. We offer all types of product such as earmolds, sound plugs, swim molds, iPod molds with sound port, and a lot of other items. Please call Woody at (800) 247 3669 for more information or come see him at ADA in Scottsdale at booth 702 or IHS in San Antonio at booth 135.

ADA booth no 503

Oaktree Products Inc
Oaktree Products Inc, St Louis, is a resource for audiologists and dispensing professionals, providing infinite solutions to clinical and business needs of hearing health care professions. Since 1992, the company has served as a one-stop-shop, supplying a wide variety of clinical products and resale accessories. In addition, Oaktree Products remains the resource for professional development, providing educational training in cerumen management, infection control, and hearing assistance technology. (800) 347-1960;

ADA booth no 512 IHS booth no Island A/B

Omni Hearing Systems
Omni Hearing Systems will feature nFusion technology, which consists of its Aria family of hearing aids working in conjunction with Inspire OS software. Omni leverages the power of nanoscience to offer hearing aid wearers one of the most robust sets of advanced features available. With Acoustic Signature, Feedback Intercept, and Directional Speech Detection, among other innovations, your patients will be delighted with their hearing experience. (800) 527-0872;

ADA booth no 302, 304, 403, 405 IHS booth no E

At the 2006 ADA and IHS conventions be sure to visit Oticon and see Delta—the hearing device that is changing the shape of hearing care. Come and see for yourself what the industry is talking about. Delta’s revolutionary design and performance combination is changing people’s perception of hearing devices. Learn all about customizing Delta and how to use Delta to attract a new group of patients to your practice—those who will simply not wear traditional hearing aids. (800) 526-3921;

ADA booth no 308 IHS booth no 338

The Phonak revolution continues with microPower—the right fit for all your power patients. microPower is a cosmetically appealing micro BTE solution for patients with moderate to moderately severe hearing loss. Canal Receiver Technology keeps the instrument small and provides the necessary gain and output for this power fitting. Visit the Phonak booth at IHS and ADA to learn more about microPower and other innovative new products. (800) 777-7333;

HS booth no 150

Precision Laboratories
Precision Laboratories will be showing a complete line of custom products such as custom earpieces for over the ear fittings, sound protection for industrial use, and sound protection for musicians such as the ER series from Etymotic Research. Also on display will be the complete line of Challenger products for the wireless communication industries. Precision will be showing its contribution to the open fitting earpiece and also several of our hearing health care products. (800) 327-4792;

ADA booth no 505 IHS booth no 421

Rayovac announces a breakthrough in hearing aid battery technology—Rayovac ProLine Advanced. ProLine Advanced represents Rayovac’s commitment to continually advance the power of hearing. ProLine Advanced challenges the barriers of design and development, providing increases in power, capacity, and consistency. Rayovac’s offering is unique, continuously providing technological advancements while delivering programs specifically built with the need of you and your patients in mind. (800) 356-7422;

ADA booth no 208 IHS booth no 337

Rexton is proud to offer one of the most diverse product lines in the hearing industry.

Introducing C-Guard, a technology that offers your customers real, long lasting wax protection and reduces the need for time consuming and costly repairs. Calibra FREE D offers the latest in premier open fit hearing technology and is equipped with a directional microphone for better hearing in challenging situations. Visit us at ADA and IHS to learn more about our comprehensive line of products. (800) 876-1141;

ADA booth no 608, 610, 612 IHS booth no 244, 246

SeboTek Hearing Systems
SeboTek Hearing Systems, a worldwide leader in the exploding “thin tube” BTE market, continues to drive industry innovation with its patented PAC hearing instrument. The PAC is the only thin tube device that offers all of the benefits of comfort, cosmetic appeal, same session fit, and no occlusion effect for those with even severe hearing loss.

The SeboTek PAC uses revolutionary design and technology to deliver superior sound quality and performance in noise, including exceptional directionality in both low and high frequencies. The PAC is also the smallest sound processor in the world that uses a No. 13 battery. (800) 388-9041;

ADA booth no 402 IHS booth no See Program

Siemens Hearing Instruments
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, introduces CENTRA™, the first trainable hearing instrument. Featuring DataLearning™, exclusive technology that actually learns the wearer’s volume preferences for each memory and applies the data it collects automatically. Plus, SoundSmoothing™ and e2e wireless™ offer a more natural, personal, and comfortable listening experience. CENTRA is available in a full range of styles, including the Life open fit BTE with a directional microphone system. (800) 766-4500;

ADA booth no See Program IHS booth no See Program

Sonic Innovations
Sonic Innovations will showcase three products at the 2006 ADA and IHS conventions: Ion the smallest, most powerful, open-ear hearing instrument available from Sonic Innovations; Natura Pro, which offers a wealth of features in a value-priced product line; and in mid-October, the company will unveil its new premier product line and optional standard ear-hook for Ion. (801) 365-2800;

ADA booth no 502 IHS booth no Island A/B

Starkey Laboratories
Starkey Laboratories welcomes you to Inspire OS fitting software and Destiny hearing instruments—a breakthrough system built with the unprecedented speed and sophistication of nFusion technology that utilizes the power of nanoscience to enhance the patient’s journey at all product levels. Visit us to learn more about this remarkable hearing system and its best-in-class feedback erasure, directionality, and environmental management features that will change the way you fit hearing aids. (800) 328-8602;

ADA booth no 411-413 IHS booth no 240

Unitron Hearing
Unitron Hearing introduces Element, a series of three unique value priced hearing instruments—e16, e8, and e4—that feature premium innovations in the essential through advanced categories. Element’s premium features include automatic functionality, AntiShock, speech enhancement, and wind noise management. These premium features deliver your patients the most comfortable listening experience. Make Element the premium affordable selection for your clients. (800) 888-8882;

ADA booth no 602 IHS booth no 115

Westone has been making the highest quality earpieces for more than 45 years, and offers one the most extensive product and supply lines for the hearing health care provider. Stop by the company’s booths at IHS and ADA to review the latest earpiece styles and emerging technologies. Find out how to get more involved in custom solutions for musicians and audiophiles. Westone remains dedicated to your success. (800) 525-5071;

ADA booth no 303

Widex, celebrating its 50th anniversary, is proud to present INTEO—“The World’s Smartest Hearing Aid.” INTEO is available in CIC to power directional BTE models, as well as an INTEO élan open-fit model. Widex will also present Senso Diva CIC to power BTEs; Senso Vita CIC to super power BTEs; Senso Diva élan and Senso Vita élan open-fit BTEs; and Bravissimo lower-cost CIC to super power BTEs. (800) 221-0188;