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Audiologic Considerations for People with Normal Hearing Sensitivity Yet Hearing Difficulty and/or Speech-in-Noise Problems

Hearing care professionals often encounter people who complain of hearing difficulties and trouble hearing in noise, but when tested, present with hearing sensitivity and thresholds that are within “normal limits.” This article reviews the audiological evidence regarding this unique population and makes the case for educating them about sophisticated technology options—including hearing aids and wireless technology such as remote microphones—which have been proven to be extremely useful for enhancing their communication and quality of life.

Better Hearing Institute Releases New Infographic on Addressing Hearing Loss

The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is offering a free infographic that guides consumers on entry points of care for addressing hearing loss. The infographic, “Take the Express Lane to Better Hearing and a Better Quality of Life,” provides easy-to-follow information, identifying types of hearing care professionals and where to find them.

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2017 Callier Prize Awarded to Sharon Kujawa for Research on Hidden Hearing Loss

Sharon G. Kujawa, an auditory neuroscientist who studies how aging and noise exposure can impact hearing, has been selected to receive the biennial Callier Prize in Communication Disorders for her research into the connections between the hair cells and the nerve fibers (synapses) that are most vulnerable—what is now being referred to as “hidden hearing loss.”

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Hearing Test Uncovers Hidden Hearing Loss

Many adults report difficulties hearing in everyday situations despite having normal or near-normal hearing test results. Researchers have developed a hearing test that identifies hearing loss or deficits in individuals who are considered to have normal or near-normal hearing in traditional tests.

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