Staff Standpoint | January 2016 Hearing Review

Each January, editors love to compile lists that recap significant events and topics during the past year. Here are two lists from me, along with corresponding links so you can access the articles I’ve highlighted.

Editor’s Top-10 Picks for Best Articles in 2015. Here are just a few of my favorite feature articles from the past year:

Editor’s Picks for Best News and Columns in 2015. Here are some of the most popular online news items and columns, taking into account their online readership rankings:

New in Hearing Review. In 2015, Hearing Review added an interactive aspect to our website, allowing readers to comment and express their ideas about articles and news items. We also hosted eight webinars, courtesy of CareCredit, focusing on marketing tips by Gyl Kasewurm, Curtis Alcock, and Kevin St Clergy. Both additions have proven tremendously popular, and we’re planning on expanding our offerings in 2016, along with several new features and capabilities. Just one example is the debut of our “Inside Clinical Research” column by Douglas L. Beck, AuD, which will delve deeper into the exciting work of leading researchers in hearing healthcare. Welcome Dr Beck!