New Apple EarPods

An imagined Apple hearing aid, as proposed by writer Graham Bower. (Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac)

In an article posted on the news site, writer Graham Bower describes the wireless, noise-canceling EarPods that are slated to ship with the new iPhone 7. Bower says that “from a hardware perspective,” these headphones would be very similar to hearing aids.

With this article, Bower implies that Apple’s new wireless EarPods might present another advanced wearable audio technology that is poised to disrupt the hearing industry. Bower writes, “In reality, Apple’s new EarPods will probably not double as hearing aids. But imagine if they did.” He argues that with the right feature set, though, the devices could change the way we hear digital audio and pave the way for transformative new audio experiences for everyone.

Bower reviews how Google Glass, Apple Watch, and several wearable fitness devices have gotten consumers accustomed to “wearables” and “hearables.” He reports that several Kickstarter “hearables” projects launched at CES in early January, though the products he refers to aren’t necessarily aimed at people with hearing loss.

The article, which echoes the now-familiar argument that today’s hearing aids are overpriced and not as impressive as they could be, outlines how even the newest hearing aids don’t solve all hearing problems, and aren’t always reliable for streaming audio and making phone calls. Bower, who is a hearing aid user, imagines a world where innovative new tech companies enter the consumer electronics market with revolutionary audio products that could disrupt the hearing aid industry, with positive results for all.

For more details on Apple EarPods, Bower’s interesting ideas, and some of the wearables and hearables described in his article, read the original post on the Apple news website.

Source: Apple; Cult of Mac; Graham Bower; Peter O’Shaughnessy

Image credit: Graham Bower