Starkey Hearing Technologies, Minneapolis, Minn, has introduced the all-new Xino™ Classic in the Starkey brand line. Available in a receiver-in-canal (RIC) 312, Xino Classic comes standard with a rotary volume control, making it ideal for patients who prefer a traditional way to easily control volume, according to the company.

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Other features of Xino Classic include Starkey Hearing Technologies’ noise management system, directionality, and feedback cancellation, which enhance hearing in all types of environments—including loud ones, explains Starkey. It also features simple receiver connection with SnapFit receivers and a unique microphone cover design that improves wax and moisture protection and resists clogging.

“The smaller, more sophisticated form factor of Xino Classic will help those who currently wear behind-the-ear (BTE) aids but are hesitant to transition to a RIC,” says Chris McCormick, vice president of marketing for Starkey Hearing Technologies. “We are excited to offer hearing professionals another unique way to personalize a solution for each patient.”

Starkey says the Xino Classic is designed for a variety of different hearing losses, can fit up to a 70 dB gain, and is available in six standard colors.

Source: Starkey Hearing Technologies