bas200slm-sound-level-meter Benson Medical Instruments, Minneapolis, MN, offers help for mobile hearing conservation services struggling to meet OSHA’s ambient noise regulations as required by 29 CFR 1910.95 App. D.  According to the company, its BAS-200slm, which is both a bio-acoustic simulator and a sound level meter, can help mobile testers reach that goal. 

As Benson explains, if the ambient noise exceeds OSHA’s limits during the test, the system automatically disregards that portion of it so the final audiogram consists only of results within legal limits. The BAS-200slm creates a legal record of the daily calibration check and documents compliance with OSHA’s ambient noise regulation. It meets the ANSI requirements for both Type 2 octave band filters and Type 2 sound level meters. The BAS-200slm is powered by the Benson Medical Instruments audiometer rendering the issue of battery life is moot, reports Benson.

“We are the only company to seamlessly integrate an ANSI Type 2 sound level meter with our hearing conservation audiometer system so you are assured of continuous compliance,” says David Mayou, Sales Manager for Benson Medical Instruments. “Only readings from an ANSI Type 2 sound level meter will meet the standards set by OSHA. Other so-called monitors do not meet these strict criteria because they do not comply with ANSI standards.”

The BAS-200slm also facilitates quiet-room testing for companies that find a sound booth impractical.

Source: Benson Medical Instruments