Phonak offers the most comprehensive choice of "slim-tube" fitting applications, with both power and open applications for standard and "mini/micro" behind-the-ear (BTE) styles (Figure 1).  

For patients with high-frequency hearing loss, Phonak provides microSavia and microEleva as dedicated micro-BTE solutions which offer maximum cosmetic benefits and reduced occlusion without compromising performance. Both devices feature adaptive directional microphones, automatic program switching, Datalogging, and User Preference Tun­ing which monitors volume control ad­justments made (via remote control) by the patient in “real-world” settings.

For patients with moderate to severe hearing losses, micro­Power is designed as the smallest, most discreet device in the industry. Using Canal Receiver Technology (CRT) to increase microphone-to-receiver distance, more gain/output and larger vent sizes are possible. microPower provides an improved solution to bulky BTE devices for the power user who doesn’t want to compromise form or function and is FM compatible using the new MyLink receiver.

Finally, for maximum flexibility, Phonak enables any “digital bionics” iPFG BTE instrument (Savia, Eleva, or eXtra) to be adapted for use with “open” fits by simply unscrewing the standard earhook and replacing it with the minivaleo “slim” tube. Beginning with iPFG 1.5, the software will automatically ask the fitter whether an open and/or slim-tube fitting is desired (Figure 2) when any 111 or 211 instrument is “detected” in the fitting process. Subsequently, the acoustic coupling adjustments will be made automatically, ensuring that the pre-calculated “first-fit” provides maximum patient benefit and satisfaction. Furthermore, this feature provides the cosmetic and occlusion benefits of slim-tube fittings, while also enabling the same instrument to be adapted later to use a standard earhook with custom earmolds in the event the patient’s hearing loss progresses. This provides maximum peace of mind for the clinician and patient alike.

Don’t forget about miniValeo, which offers the same choice between a slim-tube or standard earhook in a “mini” sized case and allows fitter to choose between linear or nonlinear signal processing.

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