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The American Academy of Audiology (AAA) will hold it 13th annual convention in San Diego on April 19-22. This section of The Hearing Review is intended to provide a preview of the companies participating in the convention and allow readers to gain knowledge of their latest technology. Descriptions of the products and services listed below were provided by the companies upon request of The Hearing Review. To obtain more information on the products, visit the exhibits or fill out one of the enclosed Reader Service Cards (found between pages 14-15 and 78-79).

American Hearing Aid Associates
Exhibit # 2401
Since 1995, AHAA has grown to a network of 1,000 independent hearing aid professionals nationwide. AHAA Associates receive services such as customized business, marketing plans, owner/staff training, advertising programs, consolidated purchasing and billing. In 2000, AHAA reports that it became the industry’s first company to provide a full range of Internet B2B services when it launched AHAABizLink.com. The website is designed to give associates access to many services, including their AHAA account information, manufacturer price lists and access to an application service provider (ASP) for service such as e-mail and business software. West Chester, PA: 800-984-3272.

Exhibit # 1401
Argosy will present a wide variety of products that are designed to enhance patient satisfaction under diverse hearing conditions. The company will also introduce a new digital hearing instrument that automatically responds to situational input, It features an upgradable algorithm that helps audiologists meet their patients’ expectations of long term value, according to the company. Eden Prairie, MN: 800-328-6105.

Exhibit # 1219
Audioscan invites attendees to see their real-ear/hearing aid analyzers designed to fit all types of hearing instruments, including digitals, according to the company. Each unit provides advanced coupler, real-ear tests and the ability to share data via NOAH. Dorchester ON, Canada: 800-265-2093.

Auricle Ink Publishers
Exhibit # 500.
Auricle Ink Publishers publishes The Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids: A Bridge to Healing edited by Richard Carmen, AuD. The book is a collaborative work of some of the most distinguished authors in the industry and is a recipient of the 1998-99 Glyph Award as the best health care book by an Arizona publisher. The book has remained the # 1 Bestseller in its category for 3 years running. Chapters cover a broad range of topics to prepare patients for successful hearing aid experiences. Sedona, AZ: 520-284-0860.

Authorized Hearing Systems, Inc
Exhibit # 2129
AHS offers a wide range of 100% multi-digital products. Instruments presented include DigiLink, available in all models. The CIC model features three independent channels and overlapping bands, microphone noise reduction, speech management system, user audible pulse switch tones and distortion-free sound. Other products presented include QuikFit software and AHS-NLFR fitting rationale. Plymouth, MN: 800-247-4741.

AVR Sonovations
Exhibit # 623
AVR Sonovations will present its latest in hearing technology with the addition of ImpaCt DSR13 and Dynamic Speech Re-Coding hearing instrument. DSR13 is a mini-BTE available in moderate and power versions for the ultimate in fitting versatility. Other featured products include the new Logicom products: Logicom-20, reportedly the first BTE/FM on the 216-217 MHz band with an integrated FM receiver; Logicom Ci mini FM receiver for cochlear implant processors; and Logicom DAI, the smallest body-worn FM receiver in the world, according to the company. Eden Prairie, MN: 800-462-8336.

Exhibit # 1247
Beltone will feature Audio Verification Environment (AVE.), the industry’s most advanced multi-media demonstration, delivery and follow up, designed for better patient satisfaction, according to the company. Beltone will also present its new line of digital BTE instruments including the new D61, reportedly one of the smallest digital instruments in the industry. Chicago, IL: 800-621-1275.

Bernafon Inc
Exhibit # 2219.
Attendees can learn about Bernafon’s Smile family, reportedly the world’s smallest Dual-Microphone system. The company reports that Smile Dual-Microphone is the highest performing directional hearing aid on the market today, offering an AI-DI of 5.3 dB. Visitors will have the opportunity to hear the performance of the Dual-Microphone Technology with the Smile Dual-Microphone Sound Demo. Eden Prairie, MN: 888-941-4200.

Discovery Hearing Aid Warranties
Exhibit # 1919
Discovery Hearing Aid Warranties, a one-source service warranty provider, offers service warranty protection for loss, damage and component failure on all makes and models of hearing instruments. The company will feature a compensation plan for dispensing professionals. Compensation is paid on every warranty sold. Discovery Hearing Aid Repair is also a rapid response, full service, all-make repair lab offering competitive pricing, according to the company. Mobile, AL: (800) 525-7936.

Earmold Design, Inc
Exhibit # 1051
Earmold Design, Inc. (EDI), an earmold lab for custom earmolds for hearing instruments, noise protection, ear protection and communications, is a distributor of hearing health care products for audiologists and hearing aid specialists. The company will offer impression materials and related supplies, earmold cleaners, modification tools and more. Some of the company’s trade names are Rebound, Rebound “one shot”, Ear Bandits™, SAV, Dri-tube, Specials earmolds including Vogel mold, Aqua Brites, Multi-Brites, ER-15 (25-9), Sentinel noise and Boom Mic Mold (BMM). Minneapolis, MN: 800-334-6466.

Ear Technology Corporation
Exhibit # 1340
Ear Technology Corp. presents Dry & Store, the conditioning system designed to redefine hearing aid care. The company will showcase two models of Dry & Store, the original desktop model and a portable “Global” model, for all types of hearing aids and cochlear implant hardware. Dry & Store is designed to improve clarity and dependability, sanitize, deodorize and extend battery life, according to the company. Johnson City, TN: 800-327-8547.

Egger Otoplastik + Labortechnik GmbH
Exhibit # 1144
Egger Otoplastik will present Light Polymerisation: a dosing device for modeling pastes, modeling pastes in cartridges and new light material. The company will also introduce a new system designed for faster production of vents and will present its extensive assortment of impression materials and cleansing products for hearing aids and earmolds. Kempten, Germany: 1-866-egger-us (USA); 011-49-831-5811360 (Germany: International Sales).

Exhibit # 1501
Electone will highlight their product quality, quick turnaround, low return-for-repair rate and customer service. Attendees can learn more about how Electone can benefit audiologists and their patients. Longwood, FL: 407-831-2555.

Exhibit # 1529
Energizer will introduce their latest product in the hearing aid category, designed to revolutionize the hearing care industry, according to the company. The product reportedly has met with enthusiastic response in consumer and audiologist testing. St. Louis, MO: 314-982-1929.

Exhibit # 1200
Attendees can learn how ESCO can help them provide services that protect patient’s investment while enhancing professional image. The company will offer its hearing instrument loss and damage insurance, leasing, financing, extended warranty and patient reminder services intended to help grow business and retain patients. Plymouth, MN: 800-992-3726

Etymotic Research
Exhibit # 1811
The Occlusion Effect Meter, the Quick Sin test and the new color ER-20 High Fidelity Earplugs will be featured by Etymotic Research. Attendees will be able to hear demonstrations of the latest refinements in Array and ITC Directional Microphones. The company has also launched a new website: www.etymotic.com. Elk Grove Village, IL: 847-228-0006.

Everest Biomedical Instruments
Exhibit # 539
Everest biomedical Instruments introduces the AudioScreener, reportedly the world’s first complete solution to the two-stage screening process for Universal Newborn and Infant Hearing Screening. The company will present its latest technology and will provide hands-on testing of the AudioScreener. St. Louis, MO: 866-66-AUDIO.

Frye Electronics, Inc
Exhibit # 1147
Frye Electronics will present new programming for the FONIX 6500-CX Hearing Aid Test System and the FP35. The new version of WinCHap, a computer program designed to provide a data base and capability to run all the current FONIX instruments from a computer, will also be on display. One feature of the new program is a complete DSL i/o implementation. Frye Electronics will have a classroom on Friday with classes scheduled all day. The instructors include Linda Thibodeau, Geary McCandless, Robert Martin, Sallie, George and Kristina Frye. The schedule is posted on the Frye website: www.frye.cm. Sign-ups are encouraged by the company. Tigard, OR: 800-547-8209.

Global Assistive Devices, Inc.
Exhibit # 2505
Global Assistive Devices’ new space saver clock/signaling system, ACCESS 3, is a combination alarm clock, halogen lamp, telephone ring signaler and door announcer all in one. The company’s line of assistive devices with warranties includes: Vibration Watches designed not to disturb others and work in noisy environments; Alarm Clocks (flashing, vibrating, extra loud, 220 V, silent, variable tone, battery operated); Bed Shakers; Door Signalers; Telephone Ring Signaler; Telephone Amplifier and Caller ID for TV (lets person enjoy the convenience of having incoming phone calls displayed on TV screen). Ft. Lauderdale, FL: 888-778-4237.

Grason Associates, Inc
Exhibit # 1821
The company will present Single Use Eartips™ designed to provide effective infection control, sized from pediatric to geriatric. Attendees can enter a drawing to win a set of Single Use Eartips. Berlin, MA: 978-838-2124.

Grason-Stadler Inc
Exhibit # 1035
Grason-Stadler will demonstrate the new ABR/SSEP System designed for infant/pediatric follow-up testing. In addition, Grason-Stadler/Nicolet Biomedical will feature the new GSI TympStar Clinical Middle-Ear Analyzer, GSI 70 Automated OAE Screener designed for newborn infant hearing screening, GSI’s full line of screening and diagnostic audiologic instrumentation and Nicolet’s line of ABR and computerized ENG systems. Milford, NH: 800-700-2282.

GN ReSound North America
Exhibit # 1729
GN ReSound will introduce a new family of digital hearing instruments and will demonstrate their new fitting software. Attendees can experience a sound demo on the new product line and can receive a free gift. The GN ReSound Presentation Theater will be informing attendees about the latest in advanced technology from the company throughout exhibit hours. Bloomington, MN: 800-248-4327.

Hal-Hen Company, Inc
Exhibit # 2000
Hal-Hen will feature a selection of new items, special promotions, free giveaways and will demonstrate a new video otoscope system. For its 55th year, the company will present a new revised catalog featuring over 4000 items for the hearing healthcare industry, including assistive devices, impression materials, batteries for hearing aids, accessories in all sizes, diagnostic equipment, otoscopes, earlites, earmold and fitting supplies, education materials, tools from Dremel, Foredom and X-Acto, Cerumen Management and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products. Garden City Park, NY: 800-242-5436.

Hearing HealthCare News™ & Audiology HealthCare News™
Exhibit # 2429
Current copies of Hearing HealthCare NewsTM, a customized newsletter for audiologists to send to patients, and Audiology HealthCare NewsTM, a newsletter for audiologists to send to physicians and other healthcare providers, will be featured. Audiologists can obtain a free copy of Audiology HealthCare NewsTM and can develop their own customized patient newsletter on-site. White Plaines, NY: 800-342-1643.

Exhibit # 801
HIMSA will demonstrate the new Version 3.0 release of its software product NOAH, designed to help hearing healthcare professionals make better use of computer-based tools such as hearing aid fitting systems, diagnostic instruments and office-management systems. NOAH enables these tools to exchange information and operate together as a single, integrated system. The new version reportedly is a 32-bit application with full Windows functionality, setup options, improved network performance and other enhancements. St. Paul, MN: 800-435-9246.

Insta-Mold Products, Inc.
Exhibit # 2136
Insta-Mold, a manufacturer of instant silicones, is inviting hearing professionals to open their own “Insta-Lab”. The company will offer instructions demonstrating how to insert tubing, acoustic filters, adapters (snap) rings, core holes, vent and modify molds, apply silicone coatings, add handles and cords, offer skin and neon colors and swirl multi-color molds. Patients receive finished earmolds the same day because the impression becomes the finished product. Insta-Mold offers accessories necessary to make custom swimmolds, noise protectors, earmolds, communication devices and other earpieces. Oaks, PA: 800-523-4081.

Interacoustics USA
Exhibit # 2037
Interacoustics, a manufacturer of audiometric instruments designed for hearing health care professionals, will introduce the AT235H clinical impedance instrument that provides impedance, acoustic reflex, reflex decay ETF and three high-frequency probe tone options for testing infants. New hardware and software for the EP15/25 ABR system designed for infant ABR screening and EP25 designed for evaluating cochlear implants will also be featured. Benicia, CA: 800-947-6334.

For booth number, please see AAA convention program Renata, manufacturer of Swiss battery, will present their latest generation of batteries such as Zinc-Air and will provide AAA promotions. Reportedly Renata is the fastest growing brand of hearing aid batteries in the US market. Dallas, TX: 800-527-0719.

Knowles Electronics
Exhibit # 1937
Knowles Electronics is the leading producer of transducers for the hearing health care industry, according to the company. Knowles offers a full range of microphones, receivers, electromechanical controls (volume controls, trimmers, switches, cables assemblies and sockets) and accessory components for all ranges of BTE, ITE, ITC and CIC hearing instruments. At the convention, the company will feature the FG cylindrical microphone, Knowles’ Dual-Mic TechnologyTM for directional hearing aids, the new Thin MicrophoneTM family of omni-directional, directional and directional/omni-conjoined pair microphones, vibration isolation receiver assemblies and the new High-Output ReceiverTM. Knowles will also present recent developments on second-order directional microphone technology, as well as the MicroWaxBusterTM active wax protection system. Itasca, IL: 630-250-5100.

Exhibit # 2201
Lori/Unitron will introduce Nexus, the latest in digital hearing aid technology, featuring adaptive narrow-band noise reduction, a digital dual-microphone directional system, upgradeable algorithms, crisp digital sound processing, 15 bands, low-level expansion, three programs and Unifit’s three fitting levels. Attendees can receive a premium gift. Long Lake, MN: 800-888-8882

Madsen/ICS Medical
Exhibit # 1629
Madsen and ICS Medical will be featuring their line of advanced diagnostic instrumentation, balance and vestibular equipment. Madsen will feature the PC-based modular AuricalTM testing and fitting system, the PC-based CapellaTM TEOAE/DPOAE otoacoustic emissions analyzer, the hand-held TEOAE Echo-ScreenTM infant hearing screener and a new Madsen 2-channel clinical audiometer. ICS Medical will be featuring their CHARTR® VNG/ENG and CHARTR EP with PediABR systems. The full line of Madsen and ICS brand instrumentation will be on display at the booth. Attendees can stop by for information on the “AAA Special Instrument Offer” and register for a free give-away prize.

Exhibit #: 2419
Magnatone will introduce QuantumPlus™ – 100% digital, ultra-modern BTE, designed to be a powerful, user-friendly programming software. Interton’s QuantumPlus™ features 3 fittings levels, five re-selected algorithms, seven independent frequency bands, three channels, three selectable memories, five interim memories, and SMS™ and MNR™ technology. Attendees can see the custom and BTE digitals, programmables and earmolds, and will have the opportunity to win t-shirts and other prizes. Casselberry, FL: 800-327-5159.

MedRx Inc.
Exhibit # 1507
MedRx will present a new video otoscope, vacuum systems and the OtoWizard. The OtoWizard features live speech mapping, audiometry, loudness scaling, hearing loss simulator, master hearing aid, articulation index (AI), automated occlusion effect, speech sound overlay, fitting rules, hearing instrument selection protocol, hearing aid analyzer, patient database and video otoscopy. Seminole, FL: 888-392-1234.

Exhibit # 2019
Micro-Tech will present the company’s Touchless Telecoil® designed to be a simple and automatic device for hearing aid and telephone use. Patients can use the telephone the same way people without a hearing instrument use it (e.g., no switches, etc.). Micro-Tech’s 100% digital Dx3 harnesses the flexibility of digital processing and provides improved sound quality, according to the company. The Nx2 is a programmable circuit that combines dual-band versatility with a Resonance Booster and is a Class D WDRC circuit. DiRx is Micro-Tech’s patented dual-microphone directional system (Patent 5,757,933).

Mid-States Laboratories
Exhibit # 2509
Mid-States will present Yellow Stuff and NASA-based earmold materials Audtex-85, Invisible Mold (available in three shapes) and Apollo-95 for severe losses. The company will show a demonstration of Yellow Stuff II, injection material that is designed not to droop. Attendees can bring a business card to register for drawings to win free products and free earmolds from Mid-States. Wichita, KS: 800-247-3669.

Midwest Hearing Industries
Exhibit # 710
MidWest Hearing Industries will present the Loss and Damage Coverage and Allowance for Professional Services. The company will also introduce additional programs. Minneapolis, MN: 800-821-5471.

Miracle Ear, Inc
Exhibit # 1535
Attendees can learn more about career opportunities nationwide in direct patient care, outreach, training, aural rehabilitation, counseling and supervision. The company will present its Amplifit system, consumer programs and the Miracle-Ear Children’s Foundation. Golden Valley, MN: 800-234-7714.

Oaktree Products, Inc.
Exhibit # 1821
Oaktree Products will feature a new 80-page catalog featuring approximately 2000 items for audiologists and a new line of UV material. The company will offer “Top Ten Reasons to Become an Audiologist” t-shirts. Oaktree makes the Audiologist’s Choice® line of products including AudioWipes®. Chesterfield, MO: 800-347-1960.

Exhibit #
Oticon will present a wide choice of new digital and programmable solutions paired with marketing programs and will offer audiological support and customer service. Additionally, Ergo hearing instruments, with custom models such as CIC, Full Shell, Ergo BTE and BTE Power, will be introduced.

Pacific Coast Laboratories, Inc.
Exhibit # 622
The company will present SOUNDWAVES/fs, a personal listening system that combines the patient’s custom Continuous Flow Adapter (CFA) earpieces with their own sound system. The company reports that the use of the CFA with a custom Poly-Sheer II earpiece for a digital hearing instrument enhances the capabilities of hearing aid to produce the sound needed by the hearing impaired. Dolphins and Sleep Easy plugs, designed for swimming and sleeping needs, as well as Soundwaves II and RockStars II hearing protection, will be featured. San Francisco, CA: 510-351-2770.

Exhibit # 1201
Phonak will present new pediatric support material for children, parents and audiolotists, and will introduce a new digital hearing instrument line—bridging a gap between Astro and Claro. Claro uses cochlea-like DSP and adaptive digital AudioZoomTM (dAZ) and offers many automatic features, such as program selection and feedback control. The WatchPilot , a combination watch/remote control, is an added option for the Claro instrument. Warrenville, IL: 800-777-7333.

Precision Laboratories, Inc
Exhibit # 918
Precision Laboratories, manufacturer of custom earmolds for hearing aids, hearing protection monitors and communication systems, will exhibit IB-1000 PlusTM, CatamaranTM Swim Plugs, ChallengerTM Earphones and ER-15 Musician’s Earplugs. Available in bright neon colors, swirl and sparkle, the earplugs can be used for swimming, racing, performing and broadcasting. Other products featured are Vinyl SealTM, VS 100TM silicone impression material and Blue Ultra injection ear impression system. Precision EarTM, a sound enhancer, will also be presented. Altamonte Springs, FL: 800-327-4792.

Exhibit # 823
Qualitone, a provider of hearing solutions for audiologists, will present a full line of products from CIC to BTE for all types of hearing problems and a new hand-held programmer for fitting flexibility. The latest software designed for easy navigation, fitting formula correction values for children and troubleshooting will also be presented. Minneapolis, MN: 800-328-3897.

Rayovac Ultra Pro Line
Exhibit # 1119
Rayovac ULTRA® ProLine® offers hearing care professionals and their patients the world’s longest lasting hearing aid battery, according to the company. Attendees can learn about the total Pro-Line program including year-round promotions, free marketing support, free customized battery cards, new incentive program and awards. Madison, WI: 800-356-7422.

Resistance Technology Inc.
Exhibit # 2511/2513
Resistance Technology Inc. (RTI) is a global manufacturer of hearing aid components and electronic assemblies, specializing in custom integrated circuits, microelectronic hybrids, directional microphone systems, faceplates, interconnects, volume controls, trimmers and switches. Featured products include: the IntelliMic™ product line “Single Pole Double Throw Switch” and Clari-D™ featuring L276 two-channel programmable, L285 CIC Hybrid and L272 Class D amplifier. M75 Mini Trimmer and Flex Programming Interconnects will also be presented. Arden Hills, MN: 651-636-9770.

Exhibit 1547
Rexton invites all AAA attendees to stop by to receive a special gift and to view a broad selection of digital, programmable and analog hearing products. Featured products include the company’s full line of trimmer adjusted, fully digital gran-D custom hearing instruments, Rexton 3D and Rexton-D2 digital hearing instruments and the Horizon 3 programmable product line. New product introductions will be discussed, including a new two-channel, digitally programmable product and the Pocket CONNEXX. A marketing representative will be on hand to discuss Rexton’s full service, turn-key marketing programs. Plymouth, MN: 800-876-1141.

Exhibit # 1250
Sennheiser will introduce the DirectEar Set 100, a personal wireless listening systems that transmits infrared signals to a receiver and connects directly into a television, VCR, radio or other compatible audio source. Providing 435-sq.-ft. of radiating power at 95 kHz, the listener will not only be able to hear their favorite audio without disturbing others, but will also be able to adjust the volume, balance and tone controls located on the receiver for maximum affect, according to the company. Old Lyme, CT: 877-736-6434.

Siemens Hearing Instruments
Exhibit # 1318/1319
Siemens introduces SERENITITM tinnitus control instruments, SIGNIATM Select micro CIC and mini BTE, new directional mics, PHOENIXTM and super power BTEs. Other products that will be featured include 3 CRESCENDOTM amplified phones, E-Business (Online@SHI, Web-Hosting, Knowledge Manager), PRACTICE NAVIGATORTM Professional software, Pocket CONNEXXTM and the latest generation of UNITYTM. The company will offer show specials on LIGHTNINGTM, Siemens batteries and SILHOUETTETM Plus impression materials. Piscataway, NJ: 800-766-4500.

Sonic Innovations
Exhibit # 829
Sonic Innovations will present NATURA™ 2 SE, the newest 100 % digital hearing aid that utilizes our patent-pending Personalized Noise Reduction™ technology. Also featured are ALTAIR™, a full-featured digital hearing aid and CONFORMA™ 2 SE, the instant-fit hearing aid designed to provide high-performance multi-channel DSP with Personalized Noise Reduction. Continuing education, software training and technology training will also be provided at the exhibit. Salt Lake City, UT: 888-5-SONICI.

Exhibit # 1929
Telex will present Sontiva available in CIC to full-shell custom products. Sontiva is offered in two levels: Sontiva DL digital hearing fitting for mild to moderately severe, flat and gradually sloping sensorineural losses; and SontivaÝ DLX with VoiceSync that combines seven bands, three independent channels and Microphone Noise Reduction. Other products that will be featured include IntelliMic (directional microphone technology), AcuSound EX-P and Ultra!DLS programmable aids, SelectÝ FM BTE, ClassMate Soundfield Systems and SoundMate Personal FM. A new Version 3.01 Telex Fitting Software (TFS) for programming SontivaÝ digital instruments will also be introduced. Attendees can receive a free CD-ROM copy of TFS 3.01 and marketing support materials. Burnsville, MN: 800-328-8212.

United Hearing Systems, Inc
Exhibit # 2514
United Hearing Systems will introduce its new Paradigm programmable line of ITE and BTE products, featuring multi-memory, squelch, notch filter and directional capabilities. Also on display will be the new NOAH-compatible Audio Gallery software, a new concept in custom ITC design and the UHS 904 instrument. Plainfield, CT: 800-835-2001.

Warner Technologies
Exhibit # 2222
Warner Technologies will present the new TECH-CARE product line, an alcohol-free choice for ear-mold cleaning and ear hygeine. Included in the TECH-CARE line are Sta-dri Dehumidifier jars and Ear-gel ear lubricant. The Dreve Otoplastik Products from Germany will also be presented. Attendees will have the opportunity to watch the company’s representatives demonstrate earmold manufacturing processes and products, and can learn how to repair and modify hearing aids and earmolds. Minneapolis, MN: 800-328-4757.

Exhibit # 717 & 729
The company will present the Ultimate Ears, personal monitors for musicians performing in “live bands.” Attendees can learn about the in-ear monitor and what has made UEs an ideal choice, according to the company. A full line of products for musicians will also be displayed. Colorado Springs, CO: 800-525-5071.

Exhibit # 2001
Widex will present the new SENSO DIVA line of 100% digital hearing instruments and SENSO PLUS line of hearing instruments which include CIC and SENSO C-series ITE and BTE models and the digital A3 and A4 mini-BTE models. The Widex booth contains an “International Area” in which audiologists can meet global Widex representatives. Long Island City, NY: 800-221-0188.

Williams Sound, Corp.
Exhibit # 600
Williams Sound, manufacturer of ALDs such as the Teletalker, Hearing Helper Personal FM, TV infrared systems and the Pocketalker, will feature the Sound Plus 950 (TV Infrared system) and the Sound Focus-Classroom Amplification System. Eden Prairie, MN: 800-328-6190.