ADA Convention: New Age Audiology in San Diego

This year’s Academy of Dispensing Audiologists (ADA) Annual Convention, held October 25-30 at the Hotel Del Coronada in San Diego, features a full slate of seminars, special events and more than 50 exhibits displaying the latest hearing care products and services. The following schedule was provided by ADA prior to the convention and may be subject to change.

Wednesday, October 25
7 am-7pm:     Registration Open
8 am-9 am:     Continental Breakfast for Workshop Attendees
9 am-4 pm:     Workshop: Cerumen Management,
        by Richard Craig & Bob Kemp
9 am-4 pm:     Workshop: Practice Promotion,
        by Steve Adams, Vince Russomagno,
        David Kent & Susan Whichard
9 am-Noon:     Workshop: Infant Screening,
        by Jay Hall & Jennifer Listenburger
Noon-1 pm:     Lunch for Day-Ahead Workshop Attendees
1 pm-4 pm:     Workshop: Increase Patient Satisfaction:
        Yes You Can Through Audiologic
        Rehabilitation, by Donna Wayner
        & Judy Abrahamson
5 pm-7 pm:     Mentoring Reception (by invitation only)
7 pm-10:30 pm:     Opening Reception in Exhibit Area
    (Exhibits Open)

Thursday, October 26
7 am-5 pm:     Registration Open
8 am-9 am:     State Licensing Round Table
9 am-9:15 am:     Opening Comments,
        by Jim McDonald & Bob Manning
9:15 am-10:15 am:     Societal Trands and Impact on Audiology,
        by Keynote Speaker Joan Hiller
10:15 am-11:00 am:     Wake up and Smell Your Future,
        by Laura Michaud
11 am-2:15 pm:     Lunch with Exhibitors (Exhibits Open)
1 pm-2 pm:     On Becoming a Doctor,
        by David Goldstein and Leslie Neal
2 pm- 2:15 pm:     Break in Exhibit Area
2:15 pm-3:45 pm:     Issues of Reimbursement and Compliance
        in the New Millennium,
    by Angela Loavenbruck & Barry A. Freeman
3:45 pm-4 pm:     Break
4 pm-5 pm:     AuD Economics: Status of Audiologists’
        Income as a Function of Highest Degree
        Earned and Innovative Practice
        Development Strategies that Postively
        Impact Earning Potential as Gleaned in
        a Distance Learning Doctoral Program,
    by Larry Englemann, Linda Remensnyder
        & Delbert Ault (Panel Discussion)
5 pm-7 pm:     AFA/AAC Auction
7 pm-11 pm:     Beach Party

Friday, October 27
7 am-1 pm:     Exhibits Open
7 am-8 am:     Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Area
8 am-9:15 am:     Seminars
Contract Smarts: Negotiating Your Way to Success,
        by Deborah Price & Susan Paarlberg
Transcranial Cross: A Unique and Successful
        Fitting Program,
        by Ed Aleo
A Morning of Tinnitus: The Key to Success
        (by Stephen M. Nagler, MD) & The Audiological
        Evaluation and Initial Counseling of the Tinnitus
        Patient (by Norma R. Mraz)
Grow Your Practice with Disposable Hearing Aids,
        by Songbird
Manufacturer’s Symposium (Sonic Innovations & Audina)
9:15 am-9:30:     Break in Exhibit Area
9:30 am-10:45 am:     Seminars
Marketing in the New Millennium,
        by Roxann Bonta
Protecting and Restoring the Inner Ear,
        by Richard Kopke, MD
The Jasterboff Model and Tinnitus Retraining Therapy,
        by Stephen Nagler, MD
Starter Hearing Devices: What’s Out There? (Part 1),
        by Bob Oliveira
Manufacturer’s Symposium (Micro-Tech & Bernafon)
10:45 am-11 am:     Break in Exhibit Area
11 am-Noon:     Seminars
HearPO: A Marketing Tool for Your Practice,
        by Kathy Foltner
The Past, Present and Future of Digital Signal
        Processing for Hearing Aids,
        by Laurel Olson & Chas Pavlovic, Sr.
Principles of Pharmacology for Audiologists,
        by O.T. Wendel
Starter Hearing Devices: Entry into Hearing Health Care (Part 2),
        by Bob Oliveira
Manufacturer Symposium (Oticon & Etymotic Research)
Noon-1 pm:     Lunch with Exhibitors (Exhibit Area)
Noon-5 pm:     Office Staff Workshop
1 pm-3 pm:     Seminars
The Beltone AVE: Audio Verification Environment,
        by Beltone
Is My Patient a Cochlear Implant Candidate?
        by Wendy Brooks-Parkinson
Testing New Technologies,
        by Linda Thibodeau, Jeff Pommier & Kristina Frye
Advanced Cerumen Management
1 pm:     Golf Tournament/Volleyball Tournament
6 pm-7:30 pm:     President’s Reception (by invitation only)
(Evening Open)
Saturday, October 28
8 am-1:30 pm:     Exhibits Open
8 am-9 am:     Breakfast with Exhibitors
8 am-9 am:     State Licensing Round Table
9 am-5 pm:     Office Staff Workshop
9 am-10:30 am:     Seminars
TOFU-2000 (Techniques, Objections and Follow-Up):
        It’s Good for You (Part 1), by Mary Beth Wright
Promoting High-Fidelity Hearing Protection in Your Practice,
       by Laurel Christensen & Mary Paulson
Acoustical Barriers in the Classroom (Part 1),
        by Tom Thunder
Cochlear Implants,
        by Holly A Segel, Ann Marie Henson, Jerry Schloffman,
        Jannine Larky, Larry Littleton & Cindy Ponce
Manufacturer Symposium (Madsen & Widex)
10:30 am-10:45 am:     Break in Exhibit Area
10:45 am-Noon:     Seminars
TOFU-2000: It’s Good for You! (Part 2), by Mary Beth Wright
Speech in Noise, Directional Microphones &
        Digital Noise Reduction,
       by Ted Venema
Acoustical Barriers in the Classroom (Part 2),
        by Tom Thunder
NOAH 3.0, by Peter Ketchum & David Smriga
Manufacturer Symposium (Argosy & Hearing Components)
Noon-2 pm:     Membership Luncheon & Business Meeting
Noon-1:30 pm:     Lunch in Exhibit Area for Those Not Attending Business Meeting
2 pm-3:30 pm:     Seminars
Addressing the Financial Decisions Affecting Your Business,
        by Bob Eastman
Pediatric Amplification, by Francis Kuk