US New Products Press Release Image Sonic, Somerset, NJ, has introduced some new product innovations throughout its line of hearing solutions and accessories. Its small, discreet Nano RITE model in “Bliss” and “Charm” come in all technology levels. Sonic says its Nano RITE has a refined new look with superior functionality to expand the company’s receiver-in-the-ear options. It also includes a built-in telecoil/auto telephone, and wireless connectivity.  Built on Sonic’s Speech Variable Processing platform, the Nano RITE also has Speech Priority Noise Reduction and easy-to-use controls.

The company’s Flip40 is the newest addition to its Flip family. It is designed to deliver just the features listeners need. Flip40 and the upgraded Flip60 feature “Adaptive Directionality.”

The company says the next generation of Sonic wireless accessories feature a variety of upgraded functionalities and design features as well. SoundGate 2 delivers a 200% increase in range (up to 90 feet) and a 100% increase in battery life for up to 10 hours of streaming. SoundGate 2 includes a built-in telecoil so users can benefit from looped systems even if their hearing instruments do not contain a telecoil.

Sonic says the new TV Adapter 2 and Phone Adapter 2 are compatible with the original SoundGate and provide a 200% increase in range when used with the new SoundGate 2. A convenient “SelectMe” feature allows SoundGate 2 to switch easily between multiple paired TV Adapters, and the TV Adapter 2 now supports TOSLink optical audio cable input. With Phone Adapter 2, users can connect seamlessly to digital office phones (VoIP systems) via an optional Sennheiser accessory. All three wireless accessories feature a new, updated design.

“At Sonic, we continually look for ways to bring innovative features and the latest advances to our product portfolio,” says Kathy Landon, vice president of branding and professionals services for Sonic. “Our goal is to continue to offer hearing solutions with a winning combination of features and styles, all built on Sonic’s 4S Foundation of sound that’s natural, speech understanding in noise, simplicity in everything we do, and style that stands out.”

Source: Sonic