Phonak, Stäfa, Switzerland, extends its CORE-based product portfolio with the Audéo and Milo product families. The new CRT (canal receiver technology) models Audéo Mini and Audéo Smart set new standards in size, sound quality, and flexibility, says the company. With Milo and Milo Plus, Phonak introduces the first basic segment products integrating CORE (communication optimized real-audio engine) functionalities.

All of Phonak’s current products are based on the CORE microprocessor, which enables  technologies such as SoundFlow (automatic functionality), WhistleBlock (elimination of acoustic feedback), and ZoomControl (control of hearing focus).

A highlight CORE feature is SoundRecover, which expands audibility, improving hearing of conversations in a restaurant, the laughing of children, birdsong or even quiet whispers, says the company. CORE enables the wireless connection to communication and entertainment devices such as phones, TVs, MP3 players, and PCs.

Following the introduction of Audéo YES, Phonak now presents two additional CRT hearing systems to meet the high demand in this market segment, says the company. They
are characterized by their new and significantly smaller housings and features.

All Audéo products are based on the CORE platform and offer technologies such as
SoundRecover and SoundFlow. The device features maximum performance and unlimited connectivity to a range of communication and entertainment devices. Audéo Smart also offers flexible control options; it can be operated directly at the ear via a push button, which can be configured as a program selector or a volume control. Alternatively, the hearing system can be operated via the myPilot remote control. ZoomControl allows for convenient selection of hearing focus direction, especially beneficial in the car or in other situations in which the wearer cannot face the speaker, says the company.

Audéo Mini is almost invisible when worn behind the ear, and the new housing supports directional beamforming technology, for clear speech intelligibility and improved suppression of background noise, according to the company. Due to the multiprogram automatic SoundFlow, the hearing system adapts to the ever-changing environment in real time and without the need to push any buttons. It is suitable for clients who seek a high-performance, yet discreet and user-friendly hearing solution.

All Audéo hearing systems are suitable for people with mild to severe hearing loss and are available in three price categories as of October 21.

For the first time, Milo brings to the basic price segment essential CORE features such as
WhistleBlock, enabling precise feedback identification and cancellation. The BTE and micro hearing systems are easy to fit and support the use of FM systems, says the company.

Milo Plus also employs the proven directional microphone system, Digital AudioZoom, allowing for better speech understanding in noisy environments, four manual programs, and a range of in-the-ear products with AOV (acoustically optimized venting).

Milo and Milo Plus are also available as of October 21.

[Source: Phonak]