Sonova Holding AG, Stäfa, Switzerland, has announced that its brands will be presenting a wide range of new products at this year’s AudiologyNOW! AAA convention held in San Antonio, Texas from 25-28 March 2015. At the event, Phonak is launching Bolero V, a new family of Behind-The-Ear (BTE) instruments based on its latest Venture product platform. The brand will also introduce Phonak CROS II, the new solution aimed at helping people with single-sided deafness. It was also announced that, based on its new North product platform and adding a number of new features, Unitron will be introducing the latest version of its Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) Moxi product family simultaneously across five performance levels. In addition, Hansaton will be showcasing three new product families at this year’s convention which are the result of the recently announced technology partnership with Sonova.

“With introductions at this year’s convention, we are taking the next step in harnessing the power of Sonova’s third generation technology platform,” said Lukas Braunschweiler, CEO of Sonova. “I am confident that with the launch of the Bolero V BTE product family, Phonak can build on the strong momentum of the Audéo V RIC form factor. Also based on the same chip technology, Unitron’s new product platform North, is leveraging the R&D synergies between our brands, while at the same time offering a truly unique value proposition to its customers.”

The new Phonak Bolero V is packed in a new design. As with the already introduced Audéo V (RIC) product family, it runs on AutoSense OS, the central brain of the new Phonak Venture hearing aids and is said to provide a seamless listening experience in every listening situation. The IP67 rated Phonak Bolero V is water resistant and dust tight for extra durability. Covering a wide range of hearing loss levels, the three new Phonak BTE models, available in four performance levels, now come with an integrated Tinnitus Balance noise generator and easily connect with the entire Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio. Bolero V will be available with immediate effect.

With Phonak CROS II the brand launches the second generation of smart solutions for single-sided deafness. Based on the latest Venture platform, Phonak CROS II wirelessly transmits sound from the unaidable ear to a Venture hearing aid worn on the better hearing ear. This allows people with single-sided deafness to hear speech from the side they could not hear from before. The new key feature of Phonak CROS II is StereoZoom. By focusing on a single voice in a crowd, it allows for improved speech understanding in noisy situations. The new fitting process for Phonak CROS II is as easy and intuitive as a normal binaural fit, and users can instantly experience the benefits of the CROS solution during the fitting session. The new solution will be available immediately.

At the AAA 2015 convention, Unitron will showcase North, its new sound processing platform. North’s new SoundNav technology automatically identifies and classifies seven distinct environments, four focused specifically on conversation. Concurrent with the North launch, Unitron introduces a new generation of its RIC Moxi hearing instruments, which are fully integrated with Unitron’s Flex:trial and Flex:upgrade program. The North, Moxi and Flex combination become a more compelling solution with the introduction of Log It All, a data logging feature that captures and displays a patient’s real-life experiences with their hearing instruments across seven environments regardless of performance level. This gives hearing healthcare professionals the ability to measure the performance of hearing instruments in everyday use and explain the benefits of different performance levels in a personal way. The new Unitron products are immediately available in five performance levels.

Like every year, Sonova will host an investor and analyst presentation at the AudiologNOW! AAA 2015 convention in San Antonio. The slides of the presentation will be available starting from 26 March 17.30 CET at

Source: Sonova Holding AG