Sivantos has expanded its binax family of hearing aids that use the binax platform with the release of Insio binax—the custom instruments that offer binaural directionality with only one microphone. The company announced that when combined with the natural pinna effect, binaural OneMic directionality allows single-microphone instrument wearers to better focus on speech coming from the front while suppressing sounds from the back. This enables wearers of tiny custom products to enjoy automatic and adaptive directional microphone technology, according to the company.

Sivantos reports that in a bilateral fitting, new binaural OneMic directionality makes the most of e2e wireless 3.0 by combining the microphone signals of both hearing aids to create a virtual four-microphone network. As a result, the proven benefits of binaural processing and true directionality are now possible for in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids, including CICs and tiny IICs. All Insio binax models can be remotely controlled via Siemens touchControl App for smartphones and is available in 7bx, 5bx, and 3bx models.

“The release of Insio binax represents yet another world’s first in the field of audiology,” said Scott Davis, CEO of Sivantos Inc in Piscataway, NJ. “Until now, the benefits of advanced directionality—including better hearing in noisy restaurants and cocktail parties without lifting a finger—was just not possible in hearing aids with one microphone. Now, hearing care professionals can offer binax technology to patients who demand the discretion of a CIC or IIC.”

The new Motion binax, according to Sivantos, is easy-to-handle, offers a higher degree of amplification, and is now equipped with powerful binaural capabilities such as Narrow Directionality and Spatial SpeechFocus. The rechargeable Motion SX binax and the DAI-ready Motion SA binax feature a new, compact housing design with improved directionality. The rechargeable Motion PX binax provides a high level of amplification to cover a broad range of hearing losses, reports the company. Motion binax is being introduced in the 7bx, 5bx, and 3bx performance levels.

Adaptive streaming volume (ASV) is now available in all new and existing easyTek-compatible 7bx instruments. ASV enhances the listening experience when streaming audio with easyTek by automatically adapting the volume of the streamed signal according to the changing background noise level. This eliminates the need for manual streaming adjustments, resulting in an enhanced listening experience.

Sivantos also announced that the tinnitus therapy function in binax hearing aids is now expanded to include new Ocean Waves therapy signals for added flexibility in tinnitus treatment. In addition to static therapy signals, wearers can now choose from four nature-inspired ocean wave themes. Available in all binax performance levels, these therapy signals provide a soothing listening experience ideal for tinnitus patients who prefer a more natural therapy signal.

Along with Insio and Motion binax, the 3bx performance level is also being extended to Pure binax, Carat binax, Carat A binax, and Ace binax. All Siemens binax hearing aids and applications, as well as adaptive streaming volume and tinnitus Ocean Waves therapy signals will be on display at AudiologyNOW! 2015 booth 425, March 25?28 in San Antonio, Texas. For more information, visit the Siemens website.

Source: Sivantos