Launching two new Web sites, Phonak, addresses the different needs of its target groups.

For hearing care professionals the company provides specific information about its hearing systems and their fitting on the Web site People who wear or are interested in hearing systems can find information about hearing and hearing loss and hearing systems and how to use them at

Phonak has introduced thet sites to address the different requirements of its audiences
and optimize the service orientation of its online presence. In addition to product and background information, the sites include new services for distribution partners and

The professional portal introduces and explains the company’s hearing systems in detail, and includes user experiences and online-based training and sales and marketing
materials. The portal features support services such as product compatibility requirements, FAQs, download materials such as user guides, and an archive of studies dealing with the topic of hearing loss.

The other site addresses hearing system users and those who are looking for information regarding the topic of hearing. It offers guidance for prevention and possible solutions. With an online hearing screening, people can do a free preliminary check of their hearing to find out if a complete hearing assessment is warranted. The site accompanies them during the entire process, from the first awareness of hearing loss, the purchase and fitting of a hearing system, to daily use and maintenance, and assists in locating the nearest hearing care professional.

[Source: Phonak]