Chicago — Beltone has released two new product extensions to its Beltone True hearing aid line. The first is the Beltone True MIC, a wireless microphone-in-concha custom instrument. The second release is the Beltone True Flex BTE (pictured right), reportedly the first BTE instrument that can be converted to normal power, high-power, and open configurations.

Both are part of the Beltone True product line, the company’s new generation of virtually invisible hearing instruments that wirelessly receive sound directly from TV, cell/home phone, stereo, PC, and iPod via a 2.4 GHz signal.

The Beltone True MIC leverages the ear’s anatomy to provide a discreet appearance and excellent instrument performance. It takes advantage of the ear’s ability to deliver natural sound quality, directional cues, and wind noise reduction. It’s available in all three technology levels (True 17, 9, and 6) and two style options, the 35M (312 battery) and 15M (10a battery). However, only the 35M model offers the option of wireless functionality.

Patients with hearing on the borderline between moderate and severe will benefit from the Flex BTE’s range of possibilities. The instrument offers a standard or power solution in both an open or closed configuration and a wide fitting range, which allows it to adapt to the patient’s changing hearing loss and amplification needs.

The Beltone True product line recently received the International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

SOURCE: Beltone