Louisville, Ky — Avada Audiology is now offering a 4-week intensive training course designed for clinicians who are new to Avada. The course presents basic information, as well as very intensive hands-on learning of techniques.

The 4-week intensive course is designed to educate clinicians on Avada’s protocols, which set the standards of care for Avada clinicians. Avada protocols encompass what the clinician is expected to deliver in the way of services and care throughout the life of a patient, from the first appointment through ongoing checkups.

The course is a part of Avada University, which was created to be the educational division of the company. The university provides Avada’s clinicians with basic and advanced continuing education opportunities throughout the year.

The 4-week intensive training is divided into two 2-week sections. Clinicians take 2 weeks of classes, and then return to their local offices for 2 weeks to begin to put their training to practice. They then return for a final 2 weeks of training.

Avada also offers comprehensive basic technical sales and training classes, which are led by Antonio Calderon, MD, personnel development director for Avada. Other guest experts in the field are also brought into the class to educate the clinicians in their areas of expertise.

“These schools have been created and designed to allow the organization to keep pace with the demands of a growing and vibrant company. We are committed to training and educating our clinicians to be the best in the industry, and to making Avada the company where they will spend the rest of their career in the hearing health field," said Steve W. Barlow, CEO of Avada, in a press statement.

Avada operates more than 280 hearing health care centers nationwide.

SOURCE: Avada Audiology