This section of The Hearing Review is intended to provide information about assistive listening and alerting devices. Descriptions of the products listed below were provided by the manufacturers upon request of The Hearing Review. To obtain more information on the products, please circle the appropriate number on the Reader Service Card located on pg. 59 of this magazine or contact the companies directly via the information listed below.

photo Ameriphone Inc.
Ameriphone Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of assistive listening devices. The company reports that its mission since 1977 has been to help those with special communications needs to enjoy more independent and secure lives. Its products include amplified telephones, notification systems, emergency response telephones and other products that meet the special needs of those with hearing impairment. Garden Grove, CA: 800-874-3005.

photo Audio Enhancement
Infrared light technology is being utilized by the company’s new Ultimate system, which is designed to amplify classrooms. The system includes one wireless infrared transmitter, one infrared amplifier/amplifier with two infrared diodes, one AE-1000 adjustable bracket, four cables to connect speakers to amplifier/amplifier, one battery charger to charge AA nickel metal hydride batteries and a power cord for receiver/amplifier. A second handheld microphone for students to pass around or for team teaching is an option. The Ultimate also has ports built in to make it possible to plug in a CD/tape player, TV/VCR or computer. Riverton, UT: 800-383-9362.

photo AVR Sonovation
AVR presents the Logicom-20 BTE/FM and TX-20 transmitter. By combining the benefits of FM technology and Dynamic Speech Re-Coding, Logicom-20 BTE/FM is designed to capture clear speech in any environment. Logicom-20 eliminates the need for attachable FM boots. High quality sound from Logicom TX-20 FM transmitter is transparently received at ear level to provide clear sound from a distance and in noisy environments, according to the company. Logicom-20 BTE/FM and its compatible FM transmitter microphone, TX-20, operate on the 216-217 MHz band. The device has no external antenna and features extended reception range. Eden Prairie, MN: 800-462-8336.

photo Global Assistive Devices
The company introduces the new ACCESS 3 Multi Purpose Signaling System, vibration watches that alert and remind without disturbing others. It is especially suitable for medical conditions or for reminding individuals to take their medication, and features alarms and auto repeat countdown timer. The company’s door knock and telephone ring signalers alert the user even when they cannot hear the sound or are in a noisy environment. The portable telephone amplifier boosts the sound for enhanced hearing, and the telephone caller ID is featured to screen phone calls from the TV set. Fort Lauderdale, FL: 888-778-4237.

photo Hal-Hen Company Inc.
For its 55th year, the company is offering a newly revised catalog featuring over 4000 items for the hearing health care industry. The company provides assistive devices and products from manufacturers such as amplified receiver headsets, telephone sound and ring amplifiers and telephone comfort earpads. Other products include personal amplifiers, alarm clock awakening devices, strobe lights, bed vibrators, TV amplifiers/induction kits, telephone fire and doorbell signaling devices, alerting systems, smoke detectors, tinnitus maskers, personal alerting systems and accessories. Garden City Park, NY: 800-242-5436.

photo HARC Mercantile Ltd.
The DemoStation is a self-contained, interactive ALD display module that allows hands-on demonstrations of telephones, ring signalers, TTYs and other alerting and communications devices. This “try before you buy” approach results in better-informed and more satisfied customers, according to the company. A catalog of the products, with or without retail prices, can be customized with the practice/business name. HARC can also provide catalogs and materials for those who do not wish to resell products. Kalamazoo, MI:

photo Harris Communications Inc.
Harris Communications introduces the PL-20 Portable Induction Loop created for people who wear hearing instruments with a T-coil. The device is lightweight, featuring a built-in amplifier, microphone and induction aerial loop within the housing. An ON/OFF power slide-switch and a jack for a plug-in AC battery power/adapter is also included. With a nominal range of 4-5 feet, it is suitable for office reception areas as well as conference rooms. A 176-page catalog of products is available upon request. Eden Prairie, MN: 800-825-6758.

photo HATIS Corp.
The DIRECTOR headset, designed with a boom microphone, allows hands-free capabilities on cellular, cordless, business or home telephones without batteries. Available in single and dual units, the device is suitable for clients wearing BTE hearing instruments equipped with a T-coil. A demonstration package can be purchased from the company. Walnut Creek, CA: 877-843-2763.

photo Oticon Inc.
The company offers their System III and IV devices. System III consists of a handheld microphone, 6-ft. cord, 17-ft. extension cord and a boot for DAI hook-up to the company’s BTE hearing instruments. The system also is designed to fit all manufacturers’ hearing instruments that use boots with "Euro" connections (3-pin polarized plugs). System IV is identical to System III except for the microphone which has 9 dB greater sensitivity. Both systems are available as monaural or binaural. Somerset, NJ:

photo Oval Window Audio
Oval Window Audio manufactures small to large area induction loop assistive listening systems, including the portable Microloop, MobiLoop Vehicle ALS and 3-D Induction Loop Auditory Trainer System that is suitable for classrooms. All Oval Window loop systems are compatible with telecoil/T-switch equipped hearing instruments, tactile devices, cochlear implants and induction receivers. The company also produces the FlightSound for classroom sound field systems and the Multisensory Sound Lab that presents sound through colorful visual displays and a vibrating floor for therapeutic and educational applications. Nederland, CO:

photo Phonak Inc.
The company reports that TelCom is the first stationary FM transmitter that improves television, telephone and audio system use when used with MicroLink personal FM communication systems. TelCom is an accessory FM transmitter designed to eliminate the need to use the t-coil or change volume settings when conversing on the telephone. Telcom is synthesized for convenient setting of FM frequencies. Warrenville, IL: 800-777-7333.

photo Phonic Ear Inc.
Phonic ear has been developing solutions for educational settings since 1963. The company’s FM and infrared sound field systems have been shown to help students and teachers, according to the company. With fewer LD referrals, less teacher vocal fatigue and higher student comprehension and test scores, the system reportedly benefits everyone using it. Petaluma, CA: 800-227-0735.

photo Sennheiser Electronics
The DirectEar Set 100 transmits an infrared signal to a receiver, which connects directly into a television, VCR, radio or other compatible audio source. Providing 435 square feet of radiating power at 95 kHz, the company reports that the listener will not only be able to hear their audio without disturbing others, but will also be able to adjust the volume, balance and tone controls located on the receiver for maximum affect. Sennheiser also offers a full line of assistive listening devices, including the Audioport A200 Amplification System, Mikroport 2013 Personal FM System and the Direct Ear Set 250. Old Lyme, CT: 877-736-6434.

photo Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc.
Siemens Hearing Instruments introduces its hearing aid-compatible Crescendo™ amplified phones. The phones are available in two models with state-of-the-art technology to assist with both mild and moderate hearing loss. Each model is equipped with the Magic Cone™, an accessory that fits over the handset to virtually eliminate hearing aid feedback, according to the company.

The Crescendo SHI 350 model provides 25 dB amplification while the SHI 450 provides 33 dB gain. Both models deliver a broad frequency range, with an “accentuate” button that can be activated to change the slopes to increase high frequencies for clearer speech. The amplification is automatically deactivated when the phone is hung up, allowing the entire family to use it comfortably. The phones feature a volume slider that programs the adjustable gain of the boost button. Piscataway, NJ: 800-333-9083.

photo Telex Communications Inc.
The company offers the ClassMate™ Sound-Buddy personal soundfield system. The battery-operated, rechargeable, portable sound-field system comes complete in a child-resistant tote bag and is designed for use with mild-to-moderate losses, cochlear implants and wherever a portable system is needed. Features include: 16 user-selectable channels operating on wide-band frequencies between 72-76 MHz, push-button high-frequency boost, amplification of the teacher’s voice 10-12 dB above the classroom’s background noise level, reinforced non-skid neoprene bottom designed to keep the system on inclined surfaces and a water-resistant, all-weather speaker Zip-top bag made from denier nylon. Minneapolis, MN: 800-328-8212.

photo Walker Equipment Corp.
The Walker telephone Models W1100 and the cordless W9001 feature Clarity Power. The telephones are designed to enhance the volume of the high frequency sounds so words come through clear and easier to understand. Both telephones provide a minimum of 30 dB of gain along with an extra loud ringer, visual ringer and large, easy-to-use buttons. They also have the ability to program frequently called numbers into memory. Ringgold, GA: 800-426-3738.

photo Williams Sound Corp.
Williams Sound introduces the WIR 950 system, the latest in hearing assistance technology ideal for TV listening. It is designed for easy usage and comfort, operating on 95 kHz (the industry standard for large area IR systems). The company reports that the system greatly reduces background noise to deliver the program directly to the listener’s ears. Its automatic shut-off feature helps conserve batteries. Other products offered include the POCKETALKER, Personal PM systems, TeleTalker and Phonemax Amplified Telephones, and SoundFocus Classroom Amplification systems. Williams Sound Corp., Eden Prairie, MN: 800-328-6190.