Hulbert, Okla — Can creative images with information help inform the public about hearing loss? The Ear Plug Superstore ( is using the latest trend in visual marketing—the “infographic”—to inform consumers about the statistics, risks, and activities that lead to hearing loss.

The infographic’s color and creativity have already inspired readers to spread the infographic to several blog sites — and received Hearing Review’s attention, as well.

Tom Bergman, vice president of the Ear Plug Superstore, told Hearing Review, “Our goal in developing the infographic was to help our customers and the general public better understand the issue of hearing protection and the consequences of failure to have protection.”

Because infographics are digital, they are also easy to share on the Internet. As a result, the useful information—as well as one’s brand—can spread further than being published on a single Web site. Consequently, an original, well-designed infographic may be a creative marketing tool for one’s audiology practice.

Whether or not the infographic promotes a company, the idea is to provide readers with a visual snapshot of information that might otherwise be dry with just text.

The Ear Plug Superstore has made their infographic available for HR readers to download, print, and share with their customers. It may provide interesting, visual reading material for an audiologist waiting room. (600k) (Small version) (23MB) (Large poster size)

SOURCE: The Ear Plug Superstore