Auricle Ink Publishers, Sedona, Ariz, have released a new title, “Children with Hearing Loss—A Family Guide.” It is a 192-page book for patients of practitioners edited by David Luterman, DEd, professor emeritus at Emerson College, Boston, and director of the Thayer Lindsey Family Centered Nursery for Hearing Impaired Children.

A complementary abridged edition is available through Oticon Inc, accompanying high-end hearing aids for children.

The book was written for parents, siblings, and extended family members who want a better understanding of the impact hearing loss can have in their young loved one. This book is a guide on how to address the most important educational issues and processes through the school years, including legal rights and legislation. It also addresses the profound emotional impact hearing loss can have on a child, how it can affect the entire family dynamic, and what to do about it.

This title is paperback only, and retails for $16.95, with industry discounts starting at 40%. For more information, visit www.hearingproblems.com; (928) 284-0860.