As part of the company’s commitment to child friendly hearing care solutions, Oticon Pediatrics, Somerset, NJ, will provide a free Ear Gear hearing aid retention device with each Oticon hearing instrument ordered for children ages birth to 3. The Ear Gear, from Canadian manufacturer Ear Gear Company, is designed to prevent hearing aid loss and protect a child’s hearing instruments from dirt, perspiration, and rain.

“Our goal is to give parents the support they need to enable their children to obtain full benefit from their Oticon hearing devices,” says Maureen Doty, marketing manager for Oticon Pediatrics. “We believe Ear Gear will provide a valuable tool for parents who have found that keeping hearing aids securely on their child’s ears is sometimes a challenge. From our work with practitioners and educators, we know that getting youngsters off to a great and early start with their hearing solutions maximizes a child’s opportunity to realize his or her full potential.”

Doty says that Oticon chose Ear Gear because of its design and benefits for active young wearers. Ear Gear encases the hearing aid with a water resistant nylon/spandex fabric sleeve and securely attaches to a child’s clothing with a small cord and clip. The soft fabric covering makes hearing aids more comfortable to wear and protects the hearing aid from the elements. Ear Gear founder Mark Rosal developed the Ear Gear “Infant” style after his own frustration with safety devices that had some, but not all, of the details needed to help his young daughter comfortably and securely wear her hearing aids. With advice from a pediatric audiologist, Rosal designed a short cord that would be a better fit and safer for infants and children under age 3. The cord is composed of a durable nylon exterior with a synthetic rubber interior and a small but sturdy steel clip.

All children ages birth to 3 who receive a free pair of Sky Blue Infant Ear Gear from Oticon are also eligible to take advantage of a special offer from Oticon. Parents may purchase a second pair of Ear Gear devices at a discounted price.

For more information on Oticon and the new Ear Gear offer, contact (888) 684-7331.