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Researchers Use Sound Technology to Destroy Liver Tumors

Noninvasive sound technology developed at the University of Michigan breaks down liver tumors in rats, kills cancer cells, and spurs the immune system to prevent further spread—an advance that could lead to improved cancer outcomes in humans.

Self-Evaluation Tools for Hearing Loss Prevention Programs Offered in NIOSH Blog

A team of researchers from the University of Washington, University of Michigan, and Yale University recently carried out a NIOSH-funded study of hearing loss prevention program (HLPP) effectiveness. The team studied HLPPs at 14 US facilities operated by a single multinational metals manufacturing company, and based on the results of this research, created two self-evaluation tools for use by HLPP managers.

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Antioxidants Help Slow Impact of Genetic Hearing Loss

Researchers at University of Michigan have discovered that a diet enhanced with vitamins and antioxidants helped reduce hearing loss in mice with the genetic mutation commonly responsible for childhood deafness. An antioxidant regimen of beta carotene, vitamins C and E, and magnesium helped slow progression of hereditary deafness in the mice with a connexin 26 gene deletion.

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