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Neuromod Announces Lenire Tinnitus Study Results

Neuromod Devices Ltd announced the findings of an independent study performed at the German Hearing Center (DHZ) at Hannover Medical School, which found that 85% of tinnitus patients experienced a reduction in their tinnitus symptoms (based on the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory score[i] across 20 patients) when using the Lenire treatment device. 

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Neuromod Launches Ótologie Tinnitus Telehealth Service

Medical device company, Neuromod Devices Ltd, announced that it has launched Ótologie, a “specialist telehealth service for tinnitus.” This new service will provide tinnitus patients, throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, with a private care option to avoid waiting lists and give them immediate access to treatment from its telehealth service.

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