product Audioscan
Audioscan® presents the new Verifit® VF-1 Real-Ear Hearing Aid Analyzer. The VF-1 is a desktop system with a wide-angle color display designed to meet audiologists digital and directional hearing instrument fitting needs. Features include real speech and live speech tests, and dual source test box speakers for evaluation of directional instruments. The Verifit VF-1 joins the Audioscan RM500® system in providing state-of-the-art tests in an affordable and easy-to-use package. For more information about our products, (800) 326-2706;

product E-A-R
E-A-R Auditory Systems is the licensed manufacturer of the original E-A-RTONE 3A Audiometric Insert Earphone and the next generation E-A-RTONE 5A. The enhanced design of the 5A model has retained the advantages of its predecessor, and offers exciting new features. The superior inter-aural attenuation of both the 3A and 5A models reduce the need for masking, and the high ambient noise attenuation obtained with the E-A-RLINK tips allows for reliable testing in environments previously unsuitable for threshold measurement. Use of E-A-RLINK couplers virtually eliminates the collapsing ear canal artifact. Infant eartips in two sizes, are also available for testing the youngest of your patients. For information contact E-A-R Auditory Systems, (800) 624-5955, or

product Frye Electronics
Frye Electronics Inc has been the leading manufacturer of hearing aid test equipment and audiometers for 30 years. The latest generation of equipment includes the FONIX 7000 Test System and the FONIX FP35 portable analyzer. The 7000 Test System has all the testing capabilities of the well-known 6500-CX analyzer, but also includes a high-resolution display, an easy-to-use interface, and the flexibility for future expansion.The FP35 analyzer is an advanced portable analyzer with enormous testing capabilities in a small, easy-to-use package, making it suitable for users of all skill levels. It is a perfect analyzer for small clinics, schools, and professionals working out of the office, and is a reliable, clinical audiometer that stays in calibration and out of the repair shop.

product GN Otometrics
GN Otometrics manufactures a full range of advanced audiometers, from screening to full diagnostic/clinical models. The most advanced systems include the PC-based Aurical audiometer, which is a modular system that can allow the addition of real ear measurement and hearing aid testing and HI-PRO programming modules. Itera is the newest addition to the audiometer line—a sleek 2-channel air,bone and speech audiometer with full patient communication capability, built-in special tests and a high frequency option.

product Maico
Maico presents the MA42 portable two-channel audiometer. Increase your efficiency with the tool that conducts binaural aided and unaided speech testing with a variety of speech media for your pre- and post-hearing aid fitting evaluations. The powerful built-in amplifier for speakers is an exceptional feature that can save you the cost of external power amplifiers which are required with other models. A variety of enhanced accessories make the MA42 a powerful and flexible clinical audiometer. For other basic screening needs, inquire about MA39, MA40, and MA41 portable audiometers with soft-sided cases. Call (888) 941-4201.

product Siemens
The Siemens UNITY™ audiometer is a two-channel, PC-based, NOAH™ compatible, diagnostic audiometer that can be easily upgraded with new software to fit a hearing professional’s testing needs. It features two air conduction transducer calibrations, tone and speech audiometry, as well as special tests such as automated tone decay, and ipsilateral speech-in-noise. The flexible print feature enables professionals to customize audiogram printouts and save hearing test results in NOAH or the UNITY database.

product Starkey
Starkey’s special equipment division offers a complete inventory of new and used diagnostic hardware for all your testing and fitting needs. Starkey’s newest audiometer, the AA 50, features pure tone air, bone, masking, and speech testing capabilities. The AA 50 also incorporates new hearing loss simulator technology that allows a person with normal hearing to interpret the patient’s hearing loss. The AA 50 comes standard with TDH-39 headphones, a B 71 bone oscillator assembly, free field speakers, and a compact disc player. To learn more about Starkey’s line of audiometers, tympanometers, testing rooms, video otoscopes, real ear, vestibular/ENG, and otoacoustic emission systems, please visit   or call an equipment representative at (800) 733-2636.

product Interacoustics
The AC40 from Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, provides the advanced clinic with standard high frequency audiometry, RS232 communication, direct printer connection,multi-frequency built-in amplifiers, excellent computer interfacing capabilities, a wide range of pre-programmed tests, and more. It includes a large screen that will not obstruct your view of the patient. The AC33 is a slightly more economical model that includes the standard features of a two-channel clinical audiometer. Manual testing is easy and comfortable with fast and reliable operations. Both the AC40 and the AC33 are compatible with NOAH or the Interacoustics database IABase 2000.