Gyl Kasewurm, AuD, has worked for 30 years in the healthcare industry, and takes pride in the majority of decisions she has made, but admits she has made a few mistakes along the way to running a successful hearing health practice.

To help other hearing health professionals succeed, Dr Kasewurm shares her list of top 10 business mistakes to avoid, which are presented in this slideshow for HR readers.

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For more information and details, read the original article on Gyl Kasewurm’s website.

Dr Kasewurm is the owner of a hearing care practice that generates 10 times the gross revenue of the average practice in the US, despite being located in a rural community of 10,000 people. Dr Kasewurm sometimes gives presentations aimed at helping hearing health professionals succeed in business. Most recently, The Hearing Review produced Dr Kasewurm’s webinar on “Taking Your Practice from Fine to Fabulous.” The webinar, sponsored by CareCredit, is now available on-demand here.


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