Deb Abel, AuD

Deb Abel, AuD, manager, Contracting Services, Audigy Group

AudigyCare, Vancouver, Wash, has announced the hiring of Debbie Abel, AuD, to provide Audigy Group Members her expert assistance in navigating the complexity of Medicare coding, billing, reimbursements, and third party contracts.

According to Audigy Group, Abel became involved in coding and billing through intense committee work at the American Academy of Audiology (AAA). Since Medicare coding categories are different for audiology from other medical coding, her work is considered very specialized. Only a handful of people in the country are experts in audiology coding. In many cases, due to the intricacies in audiology coding, private practices are leaving money on the table.

“We can do wonders for Audigy Group’s member-base through billing and coding education,” said Abel, manager of Contracting Services, AudigyCare. “As the federal government continues to make changes to how healthcare is delivered, we have to be able to keep up. I’m here to help our members stay ahead of the curve. There are ways of billing and itemizing services that many practices aren’t aware of. Our goal is to help our members with their coding and reimbursements to make sure they are correct so they can optimize their services to fit their patients’ needs.”

Abel has held several highly regarded positions in audiology, including a staff position at AAA, and has served as a coding and billing consultant for two other national companies. Audigy Group reports that she looks forward to potentially visit several member practices in the near future to provide first-hand help.


Source: Audigy Group; AudigyCare